iPhone App Review: Color Claw


ColorClaw from developer Green Parrot Pictures is a very clever photo colour manipulation app for the iPhone/iPod Touch, that allows users to remove the effects of artificial lighting/colour casts or add/enhance colour effects to your iPhone photos.

App Description

Color Claw allows you to adjust the look of your photo. Using Color Claw you can change the colors of your photo, using another photo to provide the desired colors. Color Claw can be used to:

  • Remove effects of artificial lighting
  • Add life and color to photos
  • Give an exotic look to photos

ColorClaw has two different styled user interfaces (UI). A standard one and a “Pro Look UI” which can be turned on or off via the iPhone’s settings.

The Standard UI

colorclawstduiLaunch the app and you will be presented with the first of three screens. At this first screen you are instructed to tap the current photo to select a new photo from the Camera Roll/Photo Albums. When you’ve selected and loaded your photo you then tap the arrow which takes you to step 2, where you select either your own photo or one from the “Color Claw Colorings” to provide the base of the color correction/effect. Once you have selected either a photo from the “Color Claw Colorings” or from your “Photo Album” you are taken to the final step where the image is processed and saved.

The Pro Look UI

colorclawprouiHaving switched to pro mode, this time when you launch the app the interface has a completely different look. The first thing you will notice is that the screen now contains 3 boxes – 2 small boxes in the top section of the screen and 1 large box in the lower part if viewed in portrait mode, and if viewed in landscape mode you will have the 2 smaller boxes stacked to your left and the larger box to the right.

To use the app in this mode you simply tap the large box, open your “Photo Album”, select a photo to load and then drag this photo to the box that says “Your Photo”. Now follow the same process to select the photo you are going to use as the base for your colour effect/correction, but this time drag the photo to the box that says “Coloring Photo”. Once you have done this you will see a message saying “Processing” and after a few seconds your photo will appear and can then be saved.

So what do we think of ColorClaw?

This is a great app that allows you to quickly and easily correct color casts or add color effects in a unique an innovative way.


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Green Parrot Pictures, Color Claw, $2.99, 1.6 MB


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