Mini Golf Wacky Worlds in Review – Mini-Putt That’s Mega Fun


I have been a fan of Glu Mobile for quite some time. The globally known development group have been publishing games for various mobile platforms for over 8 years and have consistently delivered some of the most well known console and PC games to various mobile devices. Lucky for me, the opportunity to review a Glu game and polish up on my mini golf came along at the right time.


Described as a “Fantasy Mini-Golf Game”, Wacky Worlds is an extremely vibrant and graphicly rich game. There are completely unique 4 courses to play which are adorned with everything from from volcanoes, to rivers of melted chees. There’s no shortage of eye candy here.


From the main screen you have the option to start a game, create/edit a profile, change your settings, and view help and some extras. The extras page brings up options to either view other Glu titles or provide feedback and the settings page offers you some control over the game sounds. The profile menu is where you will access the pro shop and view the achievements screen. The pro shop is where you choose your player. There are 2 you can select at the start and 2 more that you can unlock by spending points you earn through game play. You can also spend your points on things like new clothes and clubs for your player.



The achievements screen is where you will see all the goals you have reached and the amount of points you gained by doing so.
Within the help screen you’ll find the break down of all you need to know about the control of the game, the rules related to each of the different game modes and the explanation of the points.


As for playing the game, there are 3 versions of play available. Tee Off, Gopher Golf and Timed Golf. Tee Off is your standard game of mini-golf. You play through 9 holes, trying to get the best score possible. Gopher Golf is basically the same thing but with a twist. On each of the holes you will see ladybugs that will occasionally land on the hole, blocking your path. Also you will see Gophers periodically pop up. Your options are to hit them or avoid them. Be careful tho, if you attempt to hit them and don’t hit the ball hard enough the gopher will steal it and pop up somewhere else and drop your ball at some random spot.


Timed Golf presents another twist to the game. Instead of having to try and beat the stroke par, you have to beat the course in a set amount of time. At the beginning of the round you are given a set amount of time. You have to play through the holes and not let time run out. As you complete holes, you are given some time to add back to the clock based on how well you do. So be sure to do your best or you’ll find yourself out of the hole and out of time.


At the beginning of each hole you are treated to a small video clip as a camera pans the length of the hole showing you everything you’ll have to deal with when you play. This can come in handy when trying to plan your shots to take the least amount necessary. If while you are playing the hole and need a refresher, just tap the eye image in the bottom corner and it will bring up the clip again. If you would like an alternate view of the hole while playing, just tap the icon that looks like a camcorder and the camera will pan out and up further and further widening your view. Taking your shot is a simple 2 or 3 step process. When on your first swing, you slide your player up or down to where ever you want him to stand. Second, swiping left or right you change the angle at which your player will shoot. Lastly drag up or down on the meter on the right side to select the strength of your shot. Any shots after that simply follow the second and third steps.


In my opinion, with it’s amazing details and graphics this is definitely one of the best titles out of the Glu camp. Gameplay is smooth and enjoyable and having the ability to customize your player is a real bonus. Add to that the attention to detail on little things (e.g. instead of just text coming up on the screen, the Gopher pops up with a message) and you’ve got yourself a really enjoyable game. If you are a fan of golf games and have been looking for a fun title to play on your iDevice than this just might be what you are looking for.


App Summary
Title:Mini Golf Wacky Worlds (Version 1.0)Developer:Glu Mobile
Price:$2.99App Size:32.7 MB
  • Tons of great graphics
  • Easy to learn, hard to perfect
  • Enjoyably challenging
  • More player customization would be nice
  • No Leader boards


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