Mark your territory in upcoming game, ‘Toilet Defense’

toiletdefense_preview2Here at TouchMyApps, we’ve certainly covered our share of defense type games (castle and tower) for the iDevice. Some of the more notable ones include Star Defense, Knights on Rush, Medieval and geoDefense. While these titles each brought something new and unique to the table, they simply can’t compete with Alcomi’s upcoming ‘Toilet Defense’ when it comes to dealing with crap. As evident by the game’s title, your mission (should you choose to accept it) is to play as the watchman named “Red Dungaree” and defend the castle (aka toilet) at all costs from the poor souls who need to go baaad.

How it is hard to live in … New York. There are so many people, who are always in a hurry and run for their business, nevertheless each of them stops to do … the deed, to sit, to think, to lose touch with bustle.

You will be in the role of toilet defender and you need to not let the enemies in the WC, fire them all and scare them off. With each level the quantity of enemies will increase and at the end you will meet with the Boss, who really need to get to cherished room. Stop him and you will win!

Toilet Defense may not appeal to everyone (especially if your idea of a superhero isn’t one who’s dressed in red tights and shoots poop to stop his/her foes), but if the defense genre is right up your alley and “Poop the World” is secretly one of your favorite apps, Alcomi’s latest may very well be the next $0.99 game purchase to provide you with some form entertainment. More screenies and a gameplay video after the jump.

Toilet Defense Features:

  • endless levels quantity;
  • different kinds of attacks;
  • skills’ learning;
  • addicting gameplay;
  • funny sound effects
  • unique and zany interface;
  • nice price ($0.99)

  • Matthew

    Here in New York, we do not fend off each other with fecal matter. We use sub-machine guns instead.

  • I’m speechless…
    um yeah

  • Louis

    @Matthew Out of the two I options, I rather be groped to death (by hot babes). Thats why I tells you Matts to get out of NY while you still can! :)

    @OTGGamer It’ll definitely be interesting to see how Apple handles this game…if they don’t approve it, what about all the other junk they let through? On the other hand, if they do…get ready for a whole new genre of games!

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