Westone: Expand their headphone line with Westone 1, September 4


Last year, Westone released the first true 3-way earphone, the Westone 3. It comes in an overhauled shell, but remains similar in size to the UM2 before it. With a focus on consumers, the Westone 3 has a ‘fun’ sound which is graphically v-shaped in its frequency response with emphasis placed on bass and treble. This year, Westone are releasing the Westone 1, a one-way balanced armature earphone which utilises the same housing and what looks to be the same accessory kit. But, at 199$ versus the 399$ MSRP of the Westone 3, the new headphone will be an easier decision.

In typical Westone fashion, the Westone 1 will utilise the excellent cable which is the industry’s least microphonic and best relieved and bumpered earphone. The suggested street price will likely fall to around 139$, making this a perfect earphone for the active audiophile.

The below information comes from Earphone Solutions’ Website:

New Westone 1 Earphones to be launched on September 4th

Earphone Solutions is excited to announce the launching of the new Westone 1 which will start shipping by mid-September.

The new Westone 1 is very similar in shape to the Westone 3, however it comes with a slightly longer nozzle based on customers’ feedback. The Westone 1 has a single balanced armature driver that will add realism and punch to your listening experience. The fit promises to be up there along with the UM1 (which is NOT being replaced by the Westone 1).

The Westone 1 will include an inline volume control, 1/4″ adapter, travel case and ten different types of eartips to customize the fit to your ears. The cable design is the same that sets Westone apart from its competitors.

Westone 1 will have an MSRP of $199.99 with street price of $139 according to Westone’s press release on August 17.

We look forward to receive our first sample so that we can publish our review.

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