The oPhone, iMichael Dell Phone – China’s ‘Me Too’ secret weapons


Perhaps ‘me too’ is too harsh an evaluation for the large makers, Lenovo and Dell, two companies who are respective giants in the Windows world. Dell, like Apple, began its life in a garage and now is one of the largest corporations in the world and Lenovo, who took over for IBM in 2005, continue to produce high-quality notebooks and PC’s. So, the groundwork is laid; both companies are great PC makers – if you’re into that sort of thing. But when it comes to sex appeal – perhaps I should rephrase that – or lack of sex appeal, both companies would be better off burning their design books. Dell never shook the garage feel and carbon monoxide appearance from its company, which despite great sales, has yet to make anything which is universally sexy. Lenovo? Their largest shareholder at 27% is the government of China. Not saying that governments cannot be sexy, but the word alone sends shivers of grey down my spine.

There have been whispers of the Dell phone for a long time and reports that it is ready. BGR’s ‘ninjas’ evidently unearthed the below image of the Dell. I’ll admit, it isn’t a bad look for the company at all – in fact, right in line with what I would expect from the PC maker.


China’s 3G market is huge – perhaps this too needs to be rephrased – so enormous that few people can understand its immensity. At over 450 million subscribers to its largest carrier (think on that for a bit), China Mobile, it dwarfs similar markets for dozens of countries put together. So, when the Lenovo oPhone and the iMichael Dellphone are rumoured to ‘tap’ that potential, sexy or not, even a small percentage of the Chinese market could put both manufacturers into a very green limelight.

Apple are in bids with China Mobile’s smaller peer, China Unicom to sell the iPhone. But with the oPhone from Lenovo, a purported iPhone lookalike, the Chinese grey-box maker may finally have the recipe for looks it needs: Apple cloning. Indeed, the OS is nearly so flattering that Apple might be embarrassed to go out similarly clothed.

The other bit of magic which the oPhone has is Android OS which Dell will also be utilising.

[via Canada]
  • Matthew

    Anyone want to hear why my Dad is in a lawsuit against Dell?

    *hears cricket sound*

    Guess not…

  • Sure Matthew… Shoot.

  • Matthew

    Okay, the year was 2005 I believe… My parents had finally decided we were going to upgrade from Windows 98 (it was about damn time). So, having known nothing about computers, I sat back and relaxed while my paren’ts did the researching. They called up Dell and ordered what we thought to be a super-computer aka piece of crap Dell trash. About $1,400 and a week later this monstrosity of a machine arrived in the mail. It worked wonders for the first year or so then crapped out on us. We had paid an extra $150 for 24/7 tech support so we called up Dell, only to get someone who could hardly speak English. He told us that we had to fix the computer ourselves, meanwhile we had paid an extra $150 for reasons such as this! Anyways, to make a long story short… We looked up online and found out the attorney general of New York along with thousands of unhappy customers just like us, were suing Dell for unkept promises/bad tech support and the whole shablooo. My Dad sent an e-mail to the attorney general and we were added to the list of people suing Dell from NY. Apparently, several other states were suing Dell too. In the end, they all settled on deals except New York, but that’s just typical New York… So now we’re still waiting for New York to settle a deal with Dell and pay back the NY customers what they rightfully deserve… Barrels and barrels of moola.

    And that’s my story. Thank you shigzeo for giving me the opportunity to express my calamity with the rest of the world…

  • Louis

    I feel your pain Matts. Breathe with me. Nice deep breaths now…

    Damn, hope they settle with New York soon so your parents can deposit barrels and barrels of greenbacks.

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