Update-Released! Inkvaders Preview Scrawling into TMA – Get your guns ready!


I’ve spent over a week with this bloody game which pits you, a pencilled-in and and cut-out hero, against wave after wave of similar, but ferocious aliens. Inkvaders is Chillingo progeny, so expect nearly every iPhone fanatic to know of this game by week’s end. Me? I’ll do my best to concentrate your thoughts on its App Store Debut.

The game has debuted! 20 August 2009, the aliens attack your little notebook.

Chillingo, Inkvaders, 0.99$, 18.9 MB

The formula for Inkvaders is pure simplicity, but not to the effect that the small, mundane details are left out. Your world (a notebook), has been invaded by aliens. Evidently, they came in peace, but much like the sci-fi genre which depicts aliens as cruel and two-faced, the delegation became an invasion. The fortunate part of Inkvader’s story is that the entire retinue of zapper-wielding green men are contained in your notebook.  The bad news, however, is much worse. The artist, bored whilst in class, created them; they multiplied, and soon his creative worlds was in flames. I am still confused at whether or not the aliens are supposed to be able to escape from their papery colony.

To stop them, you have a handful of weapons for perusal, each of which have primary and secondary firing modes, but ammunition is the hard part. There simply isn’t much. Thus, this shooter is both action and resource intensive. Action in that there is nothing else to do but blast the invading force till you reach the other end of a level, and resource in that you must make as much money through your kills as possible. With that dough, you buy weapons and ammo, both of which exist in limited supply at vending machines!



For the non-violent, there isn’t much that can be done in this game, but your hero sports a rocket pack which he can use to tip-toe in the air to escape aliens and pick up money powerups. It doesn’t last long and takes forever to recharge, but can be upgraded at vending machines. It is funny actually how becoming those red stalls are. In my life as a real, everyday human, I rarely visit them. They are expensive and often wedged into hot, sweaty corners. I’d rather go into Family Mart, pick up my tea and flirt with the guy at the counter than buy a fizzy pop from the “Thanks for Choosing Pepsi” machines at York U (There are only Pepsi machines there).

Controls are easy. There isn’t much problem with over sliding or miss-pressing jump pack and attack. They remain within the mandate for Inkvaders which is simple violence. For the most part, this formula is perfect. The only problem I can foresee is that Inkvaders has a multitude of levels. They are fun, sure, but dear God, they are repetitive. You shoot, jump, fly, break boxes (for random powerups), rush around avoiding electrocution, and ultimately, have fun.


such violence!

There are three stages, each with like 10 levels, maybe more. If you love the above combination and a bit of humour, you will dig Inkvaders’ quirky graphics, sound effects (which through a pair of Sensaphonics 2X-S, you can really enjoy the exploding sound of alien brains!), and violent gameplay. A winning combination? We will see as Inkvaders hits the App Store this week.

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