Big in Japan part 2: iPhone 3GS takes July in bid for most popular calendar phone

News-3GS-big-in-japanNo, I will not officially reference the whole boobs in Japan article (whoops); I’d rather we spend a moment in silence. In July, the iPhone 3GS 32GB took top spot among all phones sold in Japan, ousting the popular and stodgy makers such as Sharp, Panasonic and Casio. According to Electronista, the 3GS succeeds where the 3G failed because of “features that bring its hardware up to par, like video capture and voice control”.


Indeed, the Japanese mobile phone market is tied to features which are present only on Japanese phones. While video is popular, it isn’t something a majority of people utilise all the time; the 3GS must have some other draw. Growing developer support from Japanese app houses is one aspect which has catapulted the iPhone 3GS to the top for sure, but then, sheer geek and ‘newness’ aren’t factors which can be ruled out.

It isn’t such big news when a phone is released in Japan. There are literally usually several high profile phones released every month from the country’s many in-house manufacturers, and in recent years, from outside of Japan. The real news will be if the 3GS can sustain strong sales in a country where phones get upgraded often, old ones cast aside and buying fads and celebrity fanfair capsize features.

[via Electronista]

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