The Game Of Life Classic Edition in Review – Spin the wheel! Make my play! Make some choices! Collect my pay!

We all played boardgames as kids. Some of us still do. The fun (and occasional frustration) of it all can provide memories that will last a lifetime. Thanks to EA, you can re-live those memories and create some new ones at the same time. With immensely successful previous boardgame releases such as Monopoly and Trivial Pursuit, EA is continuing to turn classic family boardgames into amazing iDevice adventures with their latest release, The Game of Life Classic Edition.

On launch it’s instant nostalgia. The loading image is the always recognizable wheel that you spin to play and when you get to the main menu screen a movable version sits right on the side. Your menu options are to play solo or with friends, a settings screen, help pages and “More Games”, which is basically a coverflow style showing of other popular EA titles. The settings screen just controls the volume and vibrations. The Help page is good for anyone who either hasn’t played before or for anyone wanting a refresher on the rules and what all the cards and aspects of the game are all about.


To start your Life off, you can play single or multi-player (with up to 4 opponents in each). Then it’s time to pick your pieces. Just like in the boardgame version, your game piece is 1 of 4 different colored cars. After that you choose a player. There are 4 generic player faces to choose from (2 men, 2 women). Then the game begins.


Each player spins the dial to see who goes first. After which you choose the first of many important decisions in your LIFE, do you start a career or go to college? Choosing career allows you to select a card that will tell you what your career will be and the salary you will receive. If you choose college instead, you have a bit more to play before you get to the part where you choose a career. However when the time comes, you actually get to choose between 2 career cards instead of just the one. Another card you will select is a “Share The Wealth” card. There are a few varieties to choose from; basically they are cards you can play at various points in the game to either have an opponent pay part of some money you owe, or allow you to take a portion of money they won.


During play the screen layout is nice and clean. Everything has been pushed to the side to allow maximum viewing area in the middle. The current active player will be displayed in the top left corner, with their current worth and how many life tiles they have showing below. This comes in handy when you are playing because there are all kinds of animations and things to watch during each and every turn.


As you make your way across the board, every tile has a purpose. Some will win you money, some will take money, some will even bring you children! One of the big ones you want to try and hit as often as possible are the LIFE squares. These will come in handy at the end when you are tallying up your score. Some other notable ones to try and avoid are

  • Blue Tiles – Allows a player to sue another player for $100,000 (my wife enjoys this one way too much)
  • Purple Exclamation – There’s a purple exclamation off to the side. This square will result in you losing your job/salary and have to pick a new one.

If you are curious about whats coming up or just want to look at the board, select the Explore icon and using your finger, you can drag yourself all around the board. Selecting a tile will display any info related to it. Also, once you are in Explore Mode, that same icon turns into the Map icon and tapping it will give you a view of the whole board at once.


Other features of the boardgame that were brought into this version are things such as:

  • Long-Term Investment – You select a number and each time someone spins that number you will recieve $5000
  • Buy a House – In the beginning, you choose between everything from a mobile home to a giant Tudor style mansion.
  • Spin To Win – Select anywhere from 1 to 4 numbers and choose how much you want to bet. If you hit your number you win that amount and if you don’t you lose that amount.

Once you get to the end of the board you get to retire. Your choices are between Millionaire Estates and Countryside Acres. At Millionaire Estates you receive 1 LIFE tile but your other ones can be taken by other players. At Countryside Acres you do not receive a tile but the tiles you already have are safe and cannot be taken. Even after you’ve retired you still get to spin the wheel while everyone else is finishing and while you’re waiting, if you or anyone hits the number that you selected as your Long-Term Investment, you can still win money. Once everyone has finished the game, all the totals are added up. All your earnings, bonuses given for having children, the value of your house and your LIFE tiles are all added up and a winner is declared with everyone’s final totals shown below.


I have to say. This game is, and has been one of my all time favorite board games. My wife and I both remember playing it as children and since we’ve been together have played it quite often in various formats (e.g. board, console, pc). Now with it on my iDevice we’ve found ourselves playing it again anytime we are out and about, on a bus, anywhere we have some time to kill. The stunning graphics and animations, coupled with the amazing accuracy to the original game will have you feeling like a kid all over again. Be A Winner At The Game Of Life!


App Summary
Title: The Game Of LIFE Classic Edition (v1.0) Developer: Electronic Arts
Price: $4.99 App Size: 12.4 MB
  • Stunning graphics and animations
  • Immersive gameplay
  • Amazingly accurate to boardgame
  • Fun for everyone
  • None to mention


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