Smashing bad luck at the iPhone School


Sh*t happens. I learned that in while watching Forest Gump back in my pre-shave days. Well, it looks like the poor sods at Apple iPhone School got a bit of bad luck: the type that leaves an iPhone nearly useless till fixed. The type that makes the screen hard to use. The type that makes glass grind into your nails. The type that requires replaced parts. The type that involves dropping the iPhone onto something hard, say… cement and ending with a shattered glass plate.

The long lesson? Get a case for your iPhone. You can get by without one, that is true, but if you are the type who drops things or gets harassed by passers by to the extent that your iPhone jumps from your purse, you need to invest in a material piece of insurance. A good start is the Zagg invisibleShields which don’t bulk up your device. Another good, but not perfect option is the Apple iPod Socks.

Then again, there are those renegades who belong to no house and how carry their iDevice like they carry their guns: naked. While I do keep mine in a sock when I leave the house, my iPod is almost always naked. Perhaps I should learn from this disaster story as well.

[via Apple iPhone School]

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