GPush brings instant Gmail notification to your iPhone


Surely, one of the more useful features we’ve all been waiting for on the iPhone is the support for Gmail push. While other smartphone users live the good life and receive emails notifications on the fly, iPhone users had to resort to data fetching, where the phone attempts to “pull” new mail every 15 minutes or so. Not only did this consume more battery life, but with a platform that supports over 60,000 applications, we certainly expected more. Now thanks to OS 3.0 and its push notification feature, developers like Tiverias has filled the void with GPush, an app that notifies you of  Gmails the moment they arrive.

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For those not aware, GPush was in fact released last week at the App Store, only to have been pulled shortly.  The reason for this was due to the fact that Tiverias’ servers could not handle the traffic and stress generated by the surge of users who downloaded the app. Well the good news is that GPush is now back and users can once again enjoy the convenience of Gmail push.


Getting started is as simple as entering your Gmail username and gmail password. Once you hit submit changes, you will have to ensure that you turn on “Notifications” via the settings menu. Within the Settings -> Notifications -> GPush screen, you are able to turn ON/OFF the settings for Sounds, Alerts and Badges.

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From my initial tests, GPush worked as advertised. Pop up alerts for new mail appeared whether my iPhone screen was locked or when on the springboard page. In most cases, sending emails from the TouchMyApps mail to my gmail account resulted in notifications coming through almost instantly (1-5 second delay).

One (major) thing to keep in mind when using GPush is that its purpose is primarily for notifications. With that said, you will get alerts for incoming mail BUT you won’t be able to access or even view the content of the email via these pop ups. For that, you will have to open up the native mail app and manually check your emails. While some users may see this a deal breaker, most people will be happy to see email push notification finally coming around for the iPhone, not to mention the potential battery improvements when Data Fetching is no longer in use.

If you no longer want to live in the dark ages and prefer to be notified ‘instantly’ of new Gmail, GPush works and is a steal at $0.99.

Update: Shortly after this post went live (figures), I noticed that my iPhone wasn’t receiving any alerts via GPush. It seems like other users are experiencing the same thing and Tiverias is working on the issue. For more support updates, visit their website here. Hopefully, this is just a temporary and small bump on the road for push Gmail notifications.


App Description:

BlackBerry became very popular, in part because it offers remote users “instant” e-mail; new e-mails appear on the device as soon as they arrive, without the need for any user intervention, in what is referred to as “push email.” For the first time, using GPush, iPhone users will be able to receive their GMail new message notification instantly and no longer have to wait up to an hour to be notified of new email. Push email has the added value of reducing battery consumption considerably. GPush even lets the iPhone user choose how to be notified of new email. Your options include having the phone vibrate, ring, display the email message on the standby screen just like an SMS , or simply have the GPush icon show how many new messages are unread.


  • Instantly receive Gmail new message notifications on the iPhone
  • Set it and Forget it: All you have to do is download the app and decide how you want to be notified of new email. You never have to open the app again after that.
  • Improved battery life: GPush uses less battery since it relies on push notifications rather than data fetching (“pulling”)
  • Ability to see emails on the standby screen just like text messages
  • SSL Security Certificate used to ensure password security for GPush users

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