Exclusive first look at upcoming game Silent Swords

Oniric Games, a seasoned and leading game developer based out of Argentina has given TouchMyApps some exclusive screenshots and gameplay footage for their upcoming iDevice game, Silent Swords. Touted as the first stealth action game designed exclusively for the iPhone/iPod Touch, Oniric’s first foray into the App Store features some stylishly designed visuals and unique gameplay elements.

Silent Swords is a stealth action game inspired by the genre’s classics that takes full advantage the iPhone’s unique control features. Your mission is to help the Little Black Ninja break out of the top secret military base that holds him prisoner. To do that you’ll have to be sneaky, hide in the shadows and take your enemies by surprise. They’ll never know you were there.

From what we’ve been told, you control the ninja by tapping on the left and right virtual buttons โ€“ the faster you tap, the faster move. You’ll also have to time your moves accurately if you want to sneak around unnoticed. Jumping, as can be seen from the video, is done by shaking your iDevice. And of course, what good is a ninja if he (or she) can’t throw shurikens and dice up their foes. All this is done via swipes on the screen with your finger. To sneak around, avoid the lights to blend in with the shadows and use your environment wisely as camouflage.

Oniric Games has told us that Silent Swords is essentially complete and will likely go live at the App Store in a few weeks time. More details and screenies, including a very cool contest where players can enter to design their very own Silent Swords levels after the jump!

silentswords_preview4Silent Swords features:

  • True stealth action at your fingertips!
  • Avoid the lights and become invisible in the shadows
  • Unique controls: shake to jump, tap repeatedly to control how fast you move
  • Dispatch nearby enemies using gesture-driven sword attacks
  • Swipe your finger to throw shurikens and knock down enemies before they notice you
  • Use your environment for camouflage
  • Be part of the game! Create your own level and share it with others at communitylevel.com

Also, for all the creative players out there we’re launching a big contest at www.communitylevel.com. Design your own level for Silent Swords and share it with the community. We’ll choose the best levels and all Silent Swords fans will be able to vote which one will get the big prize โ€“ being included as one of the official levels in a future Silent Swords update. More details will be available when the game goes live on the App Store.

  • samir

    This looks like a pretty fun game. Its about time developers bring out more stealth type games at appstore!

  • rockets9

    Love the ninja! I wonder if the only way to jump is shaking the iPhone. I think i prefer an actual jump button. Too much shaking n’ I get dizzy :)

  • Hi! Thanks for your comments! I’m Mariano, one of the game’s developers.

    Yes, the only way to jump by shaking the device. But you don’t have to shake it so much as it appears on the video: just a slight tilt is enough.

    We’re taking all suggestions seriously and will include an alternative way to jump in a future update if there’s enough demand for it. But give shake-to-jump an opportunity, it’s really fun!

  • rockets9

    Ahhh. I don’t mind the shake, as long as its not excessive. A slight tilt sounds even better ๐Ÿ˜‰ If the tilt works well, I can skip the jump button. Eager to play this one when it comes out!

  • Trevieran

    Its out!! itunes.com/apps/silentswords

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