3D Hunting™ Alaskan Hunt in Review – Finally A Chance To Release Your Inner Hunter


Hunting games have always been one of my top 5 genres for arcade games. When I started noticing developers were making versions of hunting games for the iDevice, I began searching title after title to find something to satisfy my inner hunter. Thanks to Hands-On Mobile (publishers of the popular shooter Prey Invasion) I finally found what I was looking for.

Alaskan Hunt, is the latest version of Hands-On Mobile’s 3D Hunting title, for your iDevice. On launch you realize right away that rather than throw all sorts of extras or stories into the app, they get right to the point. You’re given 6 options on the main screen, the first of which is simply “Go Hunting”.

If you have not played the game before, your options from there are to start a new hunt, or choose the time of day. If you have already been playing, there is also the option of Continue Hunt, which will just resume where ever you left off the last time you exited.


Gameplay wise it is set up FPS style, with the barrel of the gun protruding in front of you. In front of which is a beautiful Alaskan landscape along with some unsuspecting wild life. You can choose to play the game in portrait or landscape, which I thought was a nice bonus as this allows you more screen real estate width wise so that you can see your prey a lot sooner.


Controlling your gun movement in the game are 4 buttons on the bottom right (up, down, left, right). Snuggled between those is a circle to represent your trigger. Also all along the outside edges is where you will see the icons that represent your upgrades (I’ll touch on them below), your ammo count and menu button (including in game options to control the transparency of the icons on your screen, resume game or quit) . I could really appreciate the controls being tucked into the corners like this, as it frees up space on the screen allowing you to see more of the environment in around you.


You start off the game with a standard rifle and have to use the small + cross hair on the screen to line up your shot. They added a nice bit of realism to the game here by not keeping the rifle completely still all the time. As you move the barrel across the screen to line up your shot, it doesn’t stop moving just because you stopped pressing the controls. It bobs around a bit and you have to try and steady yourself to line up your target.

When you do take the shot, a red “wound” appears on the animal to show where you hit it. It’s fairly accurate. Taking into account the environment, moving animals and you trying to keep your aim steady, the shots more or less end up where you would expect. There were a couple instances that were a little odd though. For example, at one point I shot a deer’s antlers and that alone it killed it. It seems that the devs have made the entire animal a viable hit zone so when you do get the odd shots off like this, it still ends up counting. It’s a bonus to get the kill, but it kind of takes away from the realism.

They’ve also made it so that it’s one shot, one kill every time. Now their main slogan for the app is that “If you enjoy the kill more than the hunt – Alaskan Hunt is your ticket”, so with that in mind, it does make sense. Although by not allowing all kills to be one shot they could drastically enhance the difficulty level.


After you get the kill, a box pops up with stats on your kill/trophy. Here you’ll see the type of animal, region, height/weight, time of day and the amount of “skins” you are awarded.


Skins are what you use to purchase ammo, upgrades and tags. There are all sorts of upgrades to for camouflage, scents and calls to attract animals, binoculars, maps and my favorite upgrade, the scoped rifle. This allows you to be able to take out animals further away with more accuracy. It also comes with a fun animation that lets you to watch and follow the bullet to the target.

3dhunting_alaskanhunt7 3dhunting_alaskanhunt8


The Tags are what you buy to be able to hunt/unlock other animals. The other animals available are Caribou, Elk, Black and Grizzly Bears. You can access both the upgrades and tag menus from the main page under Trading Post. Going there will show you what tags you have (which means what animals you are able to hunt).

3dhunting_alaskanhunt10 3dhunting_alaskanhunt11

Below Trading Post on the main menu is your Trophy Room. Here you will see all your kills. Tapping on them will bring up/hide the info box to describe the animal. Handy for when you need to prove to your friends that you just took down a 33-Point Caribou.


Other options below are your typical Options page to control sound and vibration, as well as an About page. The last menu item is yet another spot where the devs put in that extra bit of work. The last item, More Games is a spot to highlight some of their other offerings. Instead of just popping in a list or some images, they add in a overflow style page that scrolls through their other titles viewing images and reading text about each title. Not necessary at all but shows their willingness to put in that extra bit of effort.


Overall I really did enjoy Alaskan Hunt. Although I wasn’t a fan of the one shot one kill setup, and the fact that the hit zone was a little too forgiving, the game definitely has potential to grow into a great series if they do decide to release more “3D Hunting” titles. If you enjoy these type of games, Alaskan Hunt has plenty to offer and is a great value at $0.99.


App Summary
Title: 3D Hunting™ Alaskan Hunt (v1.0) Developer: Hands-On Mobile
Price: $0.99 App Size: 4.2 MB
  • Somewhat realistic handling
  • Lots of upgrades and animals to shoot
  • Potential for expansion
  • Smooth graphics
  • One shot one kill, always
  • Hit box is too open
  • Occasional graphical glitches (clipping). i.e Deer’s antlers goes through a tree as walks by it


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