Electric Box in Review – Controlling The Power Can Be Simply Electric!


One of my favorite formulas for casual games is where the goal is to get something from point A to point B by connecting or linking various objects (e.g Toobz). I find them to be some of the more addictive titles and are usually some of the most thought out games. Electric Box, a puzzle game released by Candystand.com and developed by Brisk Mobile on the iDevice, has become what just may be my newest addiction.


When I first got my hands on Electric Box, I had no idea what kind of game it could be. Being a fan of this genre, I had my hopes cautiously up, but waited until I could get some real game time in before I judged it. For a casual game it’s really quite dynamic.

Then main goal of the Electric Box is to get the power source to the target. During each level you will have more and more tools and items that you need to use in just the right way to accomplish that goal.


From the main screen you have the option to either Play or view the credits for the game. Pressing play will bring up a row of boxes with a slider along the bottom showing all the available levels. Unlocked levels will be numbered and locked levels will be a box with a lock in the middle. Above the row of levels is text displaying how many levels you have completed overall (out of 50! available levels). As well if you have any difficulty or just want to get some help on a level, they provide a URL at the bottom that will take you to the Candystand site where you can get hints, tips and level solutions.


On first game launch, you are brought to a tutorial. This will give you the basics on what you are trying to do and how you should be trying to accomplish that. If you don’t think you need the help then you can skip it, but I highly recommend just playing through all the tips. The more you know, the further you’ll be able to get.

After the tutorial you’re on your own. As you move from level to level different types of objects will be added to the game that will help you use and/or move the electricity around the board. As a new piece is added to your game, a small description will show to tell you how to use the new piece. If afterwards you end up forgetting what a certain piece does you can always get the description to pop up again by just tapping the item.


At the end of a round you are shown your score, along with any bonus points you received.

Overall Electric Box really is a great game. Extremely simple to pick up, yet built to get progressively difficult enough to keep you going for hours. It wasn’t until after I had begun playing the app that I learned that it is actually a port of an online game [play it here on Candystand.com]. After hearing that I was even more amazed. With its smooth game play and great visuals, you’d never know that this wasn’t originally designed for the iDevice platform. If you’re a fan of puzzlers, you’ll enjoy this addictive and challenging game.


App Summary
Title:Electric Box (v1.0)Developer:Candystand.com
Price:$0.99 sale! (reg $1.99)App Size:6.3 MB
  • Easy to learn
  • Enjoyably challenging
  • Auto resume on restart
  • Help/tips area not built into the app
  • Game doesn’t keep track of your scores


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