Doom Resurrection and Metal Gear Solid now on sale for $2.99


Surely, there are plenty of ‘premium’ App Store titles where gamers are hoping and praying to see price drops for; Rolando 2, Real Racing and Sim 3 are some prime examples of  games priced at the current ceiling of $9.99. While we won’t know for sure when (if ever) these titles go on sale, two of the biggest video game franchises available for the iDevice – Metal Gear Solid Touch ($7.99) and Doom Resurrection ($9.99) – are now available for only $2.99 a pop. While both of these games offer a different gameplay experience compared to their console/PC counterparts (MGST being more of a sniper/shooting game and Doom Resurrection an “on-rail” shooter), they are both still loads of fun and will keep you entertained while on the go. If you have six bucks to burn before the weekend officially begins and are craving for some action packed shooters, you definitely don’t want to miss out on these deals. Grab ’em while its hot!

Update: id Software’s other FPS Wolfenstein 3D Classic is now on sale as well at only $0.99!!

Konami, Metal Gear Solid Touch, $2.99, 138 MB

id Software, Doom Resurrection, $2.99, 79.6 MB
DOOM Resurrection

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