Camera Zoom v1.1 in Review – Close To Perfection


One of the upgraded components of the new iPhone 3GS was the 3MP camera (up from 2MP on the 3G). Apple also finally integrated both a tap and auto focus system to give users a bit more control while taking their pictures. With the upgraded camera, you are now able to take even more amazing photos using your phone. One feature that was still lacking unfortunately, was a zoom function.

There are external options, lenses and cases that you attach to your phone to add functionality to the fixed lens. The problem with that is you end up with big, bulky pieces attached to your phone making it much less convenient. I recently was able to check out on the latest version of Camera Zoom (v1.1 now compatible with OS 3.0) from KendiTech, a software solution to the problem.

Camera Zoom is one of the most simple apps I’ve come across in the App Store. Its main and only real purpose is to do exactly what the name implies – it adds zoom capabilities to the built-in camera.

App Features

  • Tap anywhere to take pictures (optional)
  • Up to 4x digital zoom
  • Realtime zooming camera preview
  • Auto-adjusts photo to best quality after taking picture
  • Tap to focus and aut0 focus for 3GS
  • Ask before saving a photo (optional)
  • Customize zoom slider’s position
  • Fullscreen slider (optional, swipe anywhere to zoom in/out)

On launch the layout is similar to that of the regular camera app. The main screen area is the live preview of the camera and there are options below to take the picture, open the Quick Preview page (the apps equivalent to the Camera Roll folder) and the settings page.


The bar going across the bottom is the zoom meter and the app adds a digital zoom of up to 4x. Although it may not seem like a lot, looking at the pictures I posted below it really is quite a jump from the standard camera.


Regular Zoom


50% or 2x Zoom


100% or 4x Zoom

There aren’t much in the way of options within the settings. One makes it so that it saves the images at a smaller resolution, thereby ensuring the images are saved faster and less blurry. The other options just change the functions of the app (e.g. tap anywhere on screen to take picture instead of just the camera button).


I was extremely surprised and pleased with the results of the images taken by Camera Zoom v1.1. At first I was unsure whether simply using software on it’s own would be able to make much of a difference, but I was definitely (and happily) proven wrong. One thing you do have to keep in mind when using this app is that it enables digital zoom while taking your photos, and not optical zoom. As with most, if not all digital zoom functions (even on your typical point and shoots), the image quality will decrease as you zoom further out. The same logic will apply here with Camera Zoom. Once you keep this in mind though, the app is a solid little piece of software that I would recommend to anyone looking to add some zoom zoom zoom to their built-in iPhone camera.


App Summary
Title: Camera Zoom v1.1 Developer: KendiTech
Price: $0.99 App Size: 0.3 mb
  • Up to 4x digital zoom
  • Amazingly simple
  • Low price
  • Can be used by all iPhone models
  • Quality of images will decrease somewhat, due to digital nature of zoom


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