Grocery iQ in Review – Now you won’t forget the milk!


There are pages and pages of list applications available at the App Store nowadays. Although there’s nothing wrong with them, their functions are limited usually to an item name, possibly a short description, and if you’re lucky maybe a spot for a price. However if like me you try to be prepared for everything, one of the most common lists you’ll be making is for groceries. This is where “typical” apps tend to fall short. Recently, I was fortunate to stumble across Grocery iQ, an app specifically designed for your grocery list needs.


Using the app is really simple. On launch you’re brought to a blank list. Options available are List, Favorites, History and Stores. There are also a lot of customization options available from within the settings app. List is the main page you open up. To add items to the list just tap the + icon at the top. You are then brought to a search page where you can either search and select items by name or enter in the bar code of an item and select it that way. The database of items available is currently over 130,000 so finding the item you’re looking for shouldn’t be too difficult. Although I did manage to not be able to find some items, I was able to find generic labels such as “Chocolate Bar” or “Potato Chips” and then I could enter in whatever specific detail I wanted (such as a flavor or brand) under the description. It then would be visible on the main list, thus solving the problem.

groceryiq3 groceryiq4

As you add items to the list you can also edit the items. Everything about the item is editable (store, aisle, quantity, package size, price, description). This allows you to completely customize what you want to buy. For example, if you really like a specific $0.99 brand of bottled water and you like to buy 3 at a time you can add those details to the item and once you return to the list, the amount and price of that item will have been automatically adjusted for you.


When you are done creating your list, you also have an option to email the list. Handy if you like to keep a backup of what you buy each trip. Another helpful feature was the badge icon. Whenever you have items in your list that haven’t been checked off, a badge will appear on the app icon to let you know how many items you still need to get.

groceryiq6 groceryiq7

At the top of the list is the grocery store name. Selecting it brings up the options to show just the items needed from a specific store or items needed from all stores. Items on each of the lists are organized by “aisle” and display the name of the item, quantity at whatever price you specify and description. Below your list you will see the total amount of items in your list as well as the total price (for items you’ve specified a price). As you begin to check items off your list, those items will go below the green bar at the bottom and you will see a shopping cart icon with the amount of items and total price of everything you’ve marked off your list.

groceryiq8 groceryiq9

The favorites page is (wait for it) the spot where you store all your favorite items (i know, you’re surprised). When you click an item to view it, scroll to the bottom and you will see the button to “Add to Favorites”. Once you’ve added items to this list, they will always be there. That way if there are items that you buy often you can just go into your favorites list and select the items you want (selected items are marked with a + symbol). After selecting items a button will appear at the top to add them to your list.

The History page displays all your recent list items that you “moved to checkout” by tapping the “checkout” button on the main list page. They are listed by aisle just like the other pages and are marked with a star if they are on your favorites list, a circle if they are on your current list or a triangle if there is a note attached to the item. Here you can view or edit the items and then add them to either your favorites list(if they aren’t already) or to the list you’re currently building (if they aren’t already).

groceryiq10 groceryiq11

The Store page is where you can add and edit the stores you shop at. Click on the + to add a store. First you will enter the name of the store and then you will be brought to a page where you can add and edit the aisles in the store. You also have the option to only show the items when viewing that store (suppressing it from the all stores option).

groceryiq12 groceryiq13

Overall, Grocery iQ is a really handy app. I like that you can add prices to the items, but aren’t handcuffed to having to include them when you enter items to the list. Being able to go through the store and add the prices as I go along allowed me to get a real accurate idea of how much I was spending. My only real issues are that it didn’t recognize all the bar codes that I tried to enter and if you live outside of the U.S. you will find it won’t recognize non-American grocery items. If you’re looking for a grocery list type app, Grocery iQ is a definite bargain at $0.99.


App Summary
Title: Grocery iQ (v1.5) Developer: Coupons Inc.
Price: $0.99 App Size: 8.6 MB
  • Extremely customizable
  • Easy to use
  • Over 130,000 items within built in database
  • Clean and attractive UI
  • Issues recognizing some bar codes
  • Unable to recognize non-U.S. items


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