Taxi Jam in Review – Think You Have What it Takes?


In the busy streets of large cities such as New York, Paris, and Shanghai, many people rely on the transportation system to get around. When you miss that bus or subway, or if you’re just in a hurry, one of your other options is to take a taxi. Of course, on busy streets a taxi may not be the most efficient method of travel, but at least it comes to you and hopefully, you won’t have to wait too long.

Taxi Jam, by Nerv, is a title which fits under the umbrella of line-drawing games. Yes, this is similar to Flight Control, Harbor Master, Draw Race, et cetera. The responsibility is now on you to make sure the important people of the city don’t miss their meetings, dates, and family dinners.

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Unlike the open maps in Flight Control and Harbor Master, Taxi Jam gives you a city map in which you drive on the streets. This of course, makes sense since taxis don’t fly over buildings. It also sparks a bit of challenge. Three cities are shown when you first play: New York, London, and Paris. Only New York is unlocked from the start. The other two require you to complete the previous map with a score of 100. However, this is definitely no easy task.

When you begin, you are given an arsenal of taxis from the garage. You can then begin sending out any number of taxis to pick up people in need of your services. Don’t keep them waiting though, or they’ll get mad and you’ll lose a life. Five lives isn’t much to work with, so keep your customers happy!

When you up a passenger, you must direct your vehicle to a specific drop-off destination. Locations are colour-based, and your taxi will have a colour to show where its destination point is. Each successful drop-off gives you 1 point. More and more drop-off points are added as you collect more fares.

Impatient passengers aren’t the only obstacle. Limited space makes it necessary for you to keep track of where everything is. Crashing two occupied taxis together will also cause you to lose a life. Additionally, every so often you’ll have a police car or firetruck, sirens blazing, rushing across the screen. These too, must be avoided or a life will be lost.

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It seems like most line-drawing games have similar graphic styles. Perhaps I’m among that group who dig the top-down 2D look. Maybe its the clean lines that grabbed me, I don’t know. One graphical problem that nags me is that taxis drive in the middle of a two-way street, a trivial, but frustrating problem. Taxi Jam’s sound effects and music are classy and the operator chattering away adds a dose of realism to this simulator.

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Taxi Jam features an online high score list for each city, allowing everyone to submit their high scores and compare with other players.

It’s rather hard to compare Taxi Jam with Flight Control and Harbor Master in terms of gameplay, because of the different variations of the concepts, but it’s easy to say that it is a fun game. Taxi Jam draws upon all your coordination abilities and tests your watchful eyes. With great confidence in all future taxi operators, I’d Grab a copy of this addictive game and get ready to roam the city roads.


App Summary
Title: Taxi Jam (V 1.00) Developer: Nerv
Price: $0.99 App Size: 18.6 MB
  • Intuitive controls
  • Great gameplay
  • Neat graphics
  • Realistic sound
  • Online high scores
  • Too difficult?


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