Jerry Harvey JH13Pro Impressions Roundup at Headfi


Want to read the entire 3000-post thread? No? Well I have and it has been a blast, but isn’t something easily summed up in a few words. DaveDerek, a headfi member went through the entire thread looking for hands-on impressions and photos, linking each into one of the best posts for people who are considering purchasing the JH13Pro. My own impressions will join that thread as well as a final review in about a month, but take a delicious look at what has been burning up the portable headphone section at

If you don’t know, Headfi is largest English-language headphone-dedicated forum in the world. While headphiles (as some call us) are still counted among the geekiest of audiophiles, we get around. TouchMyApps will be reviewing a number of hi-end and bleeding hi-end custom earphones in the next month. Among these is the JH13Pro and the Westone ES3x which was mentioned earlier this morning.

I have picked off the links from Headfi and posted them below, but please check out the entire JH13Pro Appreciation thread.

The following links are taken from’s JH13Pro Appreciation thread as compiled by daveDerek: tyrion Crazyguy106 jamato Pale Rider Bolardito rlanger Jude Boomana sling5s Edwood Iron_Dreamer HeadphoneAddict Jensen barbes/Jensen barbes bojamijams hotdoggie thread Sceptre

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