Westone’s ES3X cometh


In what is now absorbed in a flurry of sonic bliss and strange musical poses, yesterday, was a simple cardboard box. Yes, that is right, Felix received the Westone ES3X custom monitor and has been ordered to spend his days listening with renewed vigour (something he wasn’t about to cheat on anyway) to the customs until he can pump out a fitting review. He will be comparing Westone’s top of the range model to that of Jerry Harvey‘s similarly priced 10X3, another triple driver custom with a passive crossover network.

The two American headphones companies’ websites  are below.


Jerry Harvey Audio

Adding to my CT6 review, there will be a bustling number of great products from a some well-respected manufacturers. The great news is that many custom monitors are now entering ‘affordable’ territory where potential purchasers can choose between a low-priced personal monitor or a top-tier universal. I can only expect that this trend will continue until customs enter truly competitive price brackets.


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