Artificial Life and Red Bull Racing – Official F1 Racing game for the iDevice


For adrenaline fans, today is a loaded day. Not only have Assyria Game Studio announced Future Racer, but Artificial Life unveiled their partnership with Red Bull in creation of an official F1 game for the iDevice which comes with a 2-year exclusive-partnership. Nerds who read TMA are likely sucking down the last of their Red Bull now as the morning clock dips toward half-four, but Red Bull are obviously serious about keeping other things up, like speedometres and heart rates. Look for this game in the latter part of 2009 and for further details below:

Press Literature – Artificial Life Creates Red Bull Racing Game for the iPhone
Artificial Life, Inc., today announced a two-year exclusive partnership agreement with Red Bull Racing to produce an official racing game on the iPhone and iPod touch platform, featuring Red Bull Racing’s Formula One cars and drivers.

Red Bull Racing, owned by the energy drink company Red Bull, was created at the end of 2004. This year, Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel won the team’s first F1 race at the Chinese Grand Prix in Shanghai, and Mark Webber won his first grand prix at Nurburgring, Germany.

The upcoming Red Bull Racing title offers gamers the opportunity to virtually race as either Mark Webber or Sebastian Vettel behind the wheel of the official Red Bull Racing cars and will reflect Red Bull’s ethos of taking racing seriously, while enjoying F1 to the full.

The game is tentatively scheduled for release near the end of 2009.

“We are excited to work on yet another exciting Red Bull-sponsored racing title following the successful Red Bull Air Race World Championship game we released earlier in the year. Racing has been one of the most popular genres in video game history. We are dedicated to making this latest Red Bull title a challenging and fun gaming experience,” said Eberhard Schoneburg, CEO of Artificial Life, Inc.

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