8GB iPhone 3GS – coming from Apple


Many people complain that the iPhone or iPod touch doesn’t heft their entire library of music, games, apps and movies in its pricey 32GB bulk. Then, there are those who like me, plug in, sync iTunes with what we want to listen to and view for the next few days. It takes about a minute extra and costs thousands of pennies less. Well, for  that latter group, the 99$ iPhone may see an upgrade to its 3GS iteration, a move which will see even the poor sods racing by the nearly stationary 16GB 3G owners at 6,7x the speed. This report comes from the ninjas at BoyGenius who have obviously planted snap-happy informants at Rogers.


They speculate that Apple have finally run too low on 3G stock and will quietly perform a switcheroo on Apple customers. 3G stock is bound to deplete sooner or later, but the last of its remnant at Apple, the 8GB has held special significance as the ‘affordable’ iPhone, which priced at 99$, has represented a psychological win for Apple. In 2002, 5GB held a users’ entire library of music, but today, with MMS, 8GB may seem paltry in comparison. However, an 8GB still retains a sought-after price point among smart phones.

What are your thoughts?

[via BoyGeniusReport]

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