Nintaii in Review – Sticking Your Block In A Hole Has Never Been So Amusing


As I re-dip my toes into the ever popular “pick up and play” genre, there is definitely no shortage of titles for me to choose from. The problem with a lot of the titles is that although the idea of a casual or pick up game is fairly simple in theory, the ability to make it unknowingly addictive is far more difficult. One formula that a lot of developers seem to be trying to follow is to take online flash based games and port them to the idevice platform. This again is another example that although the idea and even the execution is fairly easy, successfully porting the addictiveness of those games doesn’t always work. Concrete Software however has, in my opinion succeeded on both accounts.


Nintaii is not a new title. Taking its cue from the extremely popular and highly addictive flash game of the same name, Nintaii on the iPhone is a prime example of a game being simply perfect by being perfectly simple. From the Japanese word “Nintai” meaning perseverance, the point of the game is to get your rectangular block to make its way through a puzzle and into a hole. Although seemingly simple, the puzzles become more and more difficult as you get further into the game. You control the block by either swiping the screen or, you can turn the “tilt controls” on and move by making use of the accelerometer.

During the beginning levels all you are trying to do is figure out the right set of moves to get you from the beginning of the puzzle until the end usually taking seconds. However as you progress into the higher levels, you encounter various obstacles that are there to make your game increasingly difficult and those seconds will very quickly start turning into minutes.


From the main screen you have the option to either resume where you left off, or starting a new game; also available is the option to select any level to start from and play. The settings page brings you controls for volume, vibration, tilt/move controls as well as the ability to change the “theme” of the game. There are 3 different themes to the game that basically change the game board colors as well as the background graphics. There is also an instructions page that provides you with 6 different sections of instructions and info about the game. Everything from how to control the block to the rules and descriptions for all the various menu options.


With 100 levels to play/choose from Nintaii is sure to keep you busy. With nice clean graphics and smooth game play movement, I definitely recommend it to anyone who is a fan of puzzles as well as anyone who like me is a fan of any pick up style game. Of course, you will be playing this game till eternity as it isn’t always that easy to accomplish the seemingly simple task but in that is where the beauty lies.


App Summary
Title: Nintaii (V 1.0.10) Developer: Concrete Software, Inc.
Price: $0.99 App Size: 15 MB
  • Smooth gameplay
  • Definite replay value
  • An amazing 100 levels included
  • Tilt controls are a little too sensitive


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