Netflix coming to the iDevice


According to Mutlichannel, the popular streaming video interface, Neflix, will bring its services to the iDevice and Nintendo’s Wii console. This rumour comes at the hands of an ‘executive familiar with neflix’s plans’, so perhaps it is not time to undo your cross fingers, toes, arms and eyes; but time to pray. In the event that netflix software does hit the iDevice, offering 12 000 videos for streaming, it might be safe to say that a collective ‘whoopee’ will rise from fans of Apple’s device from around the world.

The software will not be accessible over 3G for obvious bandwidth limitations of AT&T’s  ‘unlimited’ services. Rather, it will be served over WiFi. That said, it isn’t unlikely that Apple will throw a spanner into the works as they did recently with Google’s Voice app, citing that it recreated functionality already present on the device. Netflix isn’t a close relative to the primarily community-sourced YouTube, but Apple’s portrayal of it in a rejection letter will likely be as an ‘indistinguishable product’.

iTune’s own rental services are also a point of contention over which Apple could reject Netflix, but in the end, any rejection from the Cupertino company would ultimately be anti-competitive. Hopefully Apple won’t resort to such measures which ultimately will cost them face and force the company to again dish out against their favourite fall-guy, AT&T.

[via Multichannel]

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