Make way for the iProd!

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If you’ve had enough of hardware rumours, flip down the page to the Klipsch S4 Inner Earphone review. If not, stick this one in your tailpipe. Okay, so TMA have recycled the above rendering about 27,5 times now, but that doesn’t mean that this article isn’t exciting. The same ArtsTechnica who tossed a first-generation iPod nano around till it nearly died, have been alerted to a minute, yet weighty change in Apple’s latest USB configuration.plist – a change which designates the evolving of an interesting product, the iProd.

This time, mention is made to the mysterious product (which debuted to the eager rumour-mill in March), as version 1,1. While an extra decimal place isn’t intrinsically exciting, the designation signifies that a product is either in significant stages of production or  being wrapped up for sale. Each of Apple’s iPod and iPhone iterations has been designated in similar manners, with the 3GS carrying the geeky engineering name: iPhone 3,1.

If this is in fact true, we may see the iProd, in all its elongated glory come September, or in the last few months leading up to Christmas-debt season. Of course this is all speculation and could point rather to an updated iPod (doubt it), but a new product, yet properly named with a 1,1 designation should be churning the buttery noodles of some of the most swarthy Buzz-barbarians out there. My skin has turned a darker shade of green.


[via Ars Technica]

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