Cross-Pollination of Minigore – Lizzy swings in from Sway

Sway and Minigore



When everyone thought that their favourite blockhead survivor, John Gore, would sustain himself a bit longer, the man expires. Alas, as Jim so aptly pointed out, there isn’t any beating Minigore – it is a game which like a slow-killing poison, will kill you no matter what you do. Well, Chillingo are grabbing another character the iPhone gaming arsenal, Lizzy, from Illusion Labs’ Sway, another highly rated platformer which makes excellent use of the iDevice controls.

Chillingo, Minigore, 0.99$, 15.1 MB

Illusion Labs, Sway, 4.99$, 9.2 MB

So, it looks as if the two companies will be merging some pedigree that should agree with iPhone gamers’ insatiable gaming needs. Chillingo’s move is both surprising and in a twisted way, long-anticipated. Just a glance at Minigore’s poster (above) will drop the hint: there is more than meets the eye. If you haven’t experienced either game, try them out.

According to Chillingo, Lizzy is only the first of many characters to punch their way into the fun shooter, so stay tuned. My only worry is that with so many to (eventually) choose from, will the monsters become the hunted? We should organise rally’s, hold events – do something to help them out. Poor beasties get invaded again…

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