Twitterena+ Professional in Review – A Great Twitter Client, Now Even Better!


A few weeks ago I did a review on the Twitter client, Twitterena, by Developer Andy Weekes. At the time, his client was one of, if not the best, all-around Twitter client feature wise. I reported then that he was working on releasing updates that would add quite a few premium features to an already amazing client (feel free to re-read my previous review for a re-fresher). Afterwards I found out that instead of just updating the existing client Andy realized that with the segmented market of Twitter users not everyone would need these enhanced features. The result has given birth to a new and even better client now known as Twitterena+ Pro.

Built on an already solid framework and design, Twitterena+ Pro is definitely headed to the top of the Twitter client pile. The design is simple and straightforward, making a void of navigation problems. Visually, just like its predecessor, it comes packaged with a handful of themes to alter the entire look of the app, as well as custom font sizes, the ability to view full size profile pictures and “Twitlonger” integration. Viewing your own profile is as simple as tapping your name at the top (a handy little feature if you like to see/edit what info you are showing the world).


Another fun feature is the ability to have custom backgrounds on your “tweet” screens. Using either the built in camera or your photo albums you can select any image to place in the background of your tweet screens. Not necessary, but another example of how Andy is trying to allow users to customize their own clients as much as possible.


If you have used Twitterena in the past (or any twitter client for that matter) you’ll have no problem navigating through this client. The usual links for Friends, @Mentions, DM’s(Messages), Favorites and Search are all available. When loading or refreshing the Friends/Mentions/Messages you can set the client to automatically scroll you to the oldest/first new posts. It and update frequency option are also available in the menu. Favorites will store any tweets you have marked or favorited. In the search page you can either look through tweets and/or trends as well as look for tweets posted anywhere from 1 to 500 miles from your location.


Another great feature included is the ability to manage multiple accounts. Not a “new” feature in the Twitter world but unlike other apps that just log you into multiple accounts at the same time (thereby flooding you with updates and tweets coming from however many accounts you may use) Twittterena+ Pro saves the login info for whatever accounts you load into it and switching from one to another is a simple tap away. Everything loads up for each account individually so you won’t be overrun with tweets and you will always know what account you are dealing with.


The biggest feature in my opinion is the integration of Facebook. When you select the tweet screen you will notice a “Facebook Connect” button above your keyboard. Tapping it will bring up dialog to either enter in your Facebook credentials or open an account if you do not have one. Once you have your login data entered hit the “Tap to Allow” button and from that point on, your Twitter updates will also become your Facebook status.


This can be a real bonus for anyone that likes to share things across both platforms, or for someone who tries to keep all their friends in the loop but may not always want to login on both platforms. For me this feature is amazing. I definitely know more people on Facebook than Twitter but I update my friends on twitter a lot more often. Now I get the best of both worlds.


With the addition of adding priority support for users of the Pro version, developer Andy Weekes has managed to turn his excellent Twitter client into an amazing social networking hub. With the planned updates of adding user groups, enhanced user watching features and “TwitVid” support for 3G S users to name a few. All while STILL remaining cheaper than other “Premium/paid” clients. Twitterena+ Professional is in my opinion, one of the best designed, feature-packed Twitter clients currently available in the app store today.


App Summary
Title:Twitterena + Pro (V 3.0)Developer:Andy Weekes
Price:$3.99App Size:3.9 MB
  • Beautiful interface
  • Multiple account support
  • Custom tweet backgrounds
  • Facebook integration
  • More themes in a future update/release would be nice.


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  • nineSwords

    I bought it. I hope it’s as good as you say ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Custom backgrounds?! Sign me up!

  • Ahh, this one has Landscape Keyboard..

    I know I’ll be Lucky tonight ๐Ÿ˜€

  • @DimerHunton

    Awesome. I’m very impressed!

  • Nova

    eh, tweetie seems betterto me xD

  • Lauren

    Currently my Twitter app is TwitBird Pro, but the multiple account managability on Twitterena sounds like it works much better because I am tired of getting repetative updates. The connecting to facebook sounds great as well, and customizable backgrounds looks cool.

  • alison

    I think I’ve tried every Twitter app except this one. My current “app of choice” is Tweetie, but that’s probably because I spent the $3 on it. I’d love to try Twitterena Pro out, though, especially with a code (which I hope to win!).

  • Raoupp

    I’m using twitterfon, but since they added the ads I’d like to upgrade to something better. This could be the right client.

  • zbr

    Twitterena Pro

    Sweet Twitlonger, now I can blab on and on and on and on, ;P that 140 char limit ๐Ÿ˜‰ Oooh now I can make my Twitter client pretty or freakin’ awesome with backgrounds, psychedelic TwityBird anyone?
    Glad to see the basics are a staple and some nice bonus features such as tweets/trends within 1-500 miles of current location!!! Multiple accounts is just a nobrainer these days especially for those of us with personal/professional/& specialty Twitter accounts (Personal being just that your personal account you use for your common everyday stuff, Professional being like TMA’s main account @TouchMyApps they post their reviews too, and Specialty accounts like @Bjango the makers of some really cool iPhone & Mac Apps who use @BjangoCodes for their promo code giveaways!!)
    FaceBook integration is a two birds with one App approach (Pun intended ;]) For those of us that want to update our FaceBook status without using an additional App, I agree now we can keep everyone in the loop ;P

    Themes are nice but can take time away from adding truly amazing features to what sounds like a freakin awesome client. Yes looking good is nice but working well and doing great things would be much higher priority for me. A new theme once every update or so might not be bad though.

    All in all I will be adding this to my list of Twitter clients for sure!!! And this will most certainly replace @Twitterrific and possibly @TwitBird although I really like the read it later function for URLs in TwitBird.

    But Twitterena Pro just looks too good not too get your hands on by any means possible!!! Code or no code TMA is absolutely right, it’s practically a steal at only $3.99 ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Gail

    Twitterena + professional looks really good. Love the fact that you can make custom backgrounds!

  • johnnyrockets

    I mainly use Twittie, but i have heard some great things about twitterena. Would be awesome to win a copy and compare the two twitter apps :)

  • Nico75

    I am currently using the free version and it is great I would love to try out the full version though.

  • S3rgant

    Cool I think this would be the best Twitter app for me
    Hope I Win!

  • Louis

    Congrats to Gail, Nova and Allison for winning a code to Twitterena Pro. Enjoy!

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