Passion: How good are you at Sex? Yepp, there’s an app for that!


It never really occurred to me to apply numerical scores to love-making; apparently, however, that isn’t the case wit Passion‘s voyeuristic developer, Chris Alvares. This magical app does all the work for you – the calculation that is – and lets you get down to business. But, when the “meeting” is over, Passion displays your performance in an easy to suss score out of 10, based on the following criteria: Duration, Orgasm, and Activity. The catch: you have the opportunity to share your score online, with friends, relatives and complete strangers. Rather, I should say, you can now compete with your mates and relatives, share, discuss strategies – all using the Jesus Phone. I can see new uses for this on Twitter:

RT@shigzeo: Woohoo! New record – 3.76! Class dismissed!

But then again, perhaps there are some things which are better left unadulterated. For the experimental, however, there is Passion. Funny… in what seems the most perplexing ‘move’ by Chris Alvares, there is no iTouch compatibility.

Chris Alvares, Passion, 4.99$. 0.7MB

Well, whatever floats your boat. Remember, if you and your partner talk about it, you may definitely need the help of the machine. However, There is simply no substitute for a good conversation. Try this:

You: So, how was it for you?

Partner: Yup.

You: Is that a ‘Yup’ with two p’s or just one?

Press Literature

This application uses all of the iPhone’s features to measure how “Passionate” you can be with your loved one. Just start the application, put your iPhone in your pocket, on the bed, or in an armband, and start Passion. After you are finished, it will calculate a score between 0 and 10. 10 being the highest. Compete with your friends, or people all around the world, to see who can get the highest score.

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