Invoice Maker (iInvoice) in Review – Bill Anyone From Anywhere, Anytime


Billing your clients is one of the most important things you’ll do in any business transaction. Filling it out in pen on paper is archaic, and (letting my greener side shine) not environmentally sound. Waiting until you get back to your computer could take forever. GP Imports Inc. attempts to solve this problem by moving your invoicing to the palm of your hand.

Invoice Maker is a handy little app for the business person on the go. It allows you to fill out and email a professional looking invoice to anyone you want no matter where you are. On launch you are brought to a blank invoice screen which is ready for a little leg-work on your part. The first step you’ll probably want to do is add your own info to the app. To do so just tap the config button. That will bring up the “Your Data” screen just fill in all applicable info and click save. A nice feature added here is that you can also add your own logo. Just upload your image and add the url the the box at the bottom of the form and you’re all set.


To add products to the app, tap the add button at the bottom. There you will enter the item name, a reference code/sku (if needed) and the price. One spot that i thought was missing though was an info/description section.


Filling out the invoice is pretty straightforward. From the front page, just fill out your clients info including any applicable shipping fees and tax. Then using the Select Products option, choose which products and what quantity to add to the invoice.

review-business-ilnvoice-04 review-business-ilnvoice-05

Once you’re done, all that is left is to preview the invoice and send it off. Selecting that option will bring up your invoice so that you can review and make revisions where needed. From there, you can save the invoice as an image, that way you have a copy of it for yourself, or you can email it.
Emailing it will open up your mail app and drop the invoice in the body of the message so that all you have to do is add your client’s email and hit send. In case you were wondering, I also included an image of what the email will look like on your client’s end.

review-business-ilnvoice-06 review-business-ilnvoice-07
review-business-ilnvoice-08 review-business-ilnvoice-09

In the end, Invoice Maker can be a really handy app. There were a few things missing that I was surprised to not see. The fact that you can’t add clients into a database or select from your address book means that every time you have to make an invoice it’s completely from scratch which can be time consuming. Also the limited options when filling out the invoices or adding products (e.g. discount percentage, info/descriptions) leaves the invoices rather plain. If they can add/address these in a future update I really think this app can become a cornerstone to any mobile businessperson.


App Summary
Title: Invoice Maker (v1.2) Developer: GP Imports Inc.
Price: $0.99 App Size: 0.1 MB
  • Useful for keeping track of invoicing when on the run
  • A ‘greener’ way to do billing
  • No time wasted
  • Can email clients directly
  • You can upload your own logo
  • Cannot add clients from database or address book
  • Have to start from scratch every time
  • Limited options when filing out invoices


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