Going Wide: iPhone Camera attachments from Gizmoshop

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For the budding iPhone photographer, the snap-happy peep or the artistic eye, the Japanese shop, Gizmoshop has  introduced two great lenses. One, a 180º fisheye and the other, a macro lens attachment for your handset which can add new angles to your photography. The lenses can also be attached to other devices, but Gizmo are selling unique bundles for the iPhone 3G (and 3GS).

Gizmo Overseas Shop

Gizmoshop’s English site is a paired-down version of its regular shop, but specifically tailored for iPhone. Along with a selection of point-and-shoot Vivitar cameras, the fisheye and macro lenses can be directly purchased at the following prices:

Fisheye: 6,890 JPY ~ 75 USD

Macro: 3,480 JPY ~ 36 USD

The iPhone’s camera is the target for a number of great enhancement apps such as CameraBag, QuadCamera, SepiaCamera and photography editing apps such as PhotoForge. But to see what can really be done by users who have discovered the intrinsic qualities of a truly portable, unobtrusive camera, check out the blog: iPhoneography for great photos and tricks of the trade.

Our own Photography section will be growing in the coming months too as the iPhone has proven itself worthy of some praise.

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