Awesome Note in Review – Well on the way to awesome + 2 Promo Codes!

awesomenotes1I’m a bit of an app fiend, especially for productivity type apps. Despite already having tried some great note apps, and having settled on Momo, I couldn’t resist getting my hands on Awesome Note. The icon fairly well jumped out at me, and looking at the screenshots, I was thinking I really shouldn’t spend that money. Nonetheless, I carefully looked over the app description – it didn’t sync to any online services, have a passcode lock, or live email, URL, and phone number links. Actually, it currently doesn’t have a lot of other features either, though the passcode lock and ability to sync online are my requirements for a note app. I sent an email off to the developers (BRID), and they promptly told me that these features are in the works and coming in the next update. I was sold, and downloaded it to see just how “awesome” this app really is.


Firstly, the app icon is pretty much all pastel colors, not that I’m a pastel kind of guy, but the colors were well put together. A pastel tan cover with Awesome Note written on the cover, and organizing tabs in differing pastel colors. Definintely looks great on my screen.

The opening screen is a simple dark wood floor, with the folder icons, quick memos, and new note icons laid out in a user friendly interface. It all looks classy. There’s a choice of ten icons for the folder tabs that range from a purple flower, a cup of coffee, a lightbulb, a checklist paper and so forth. They all fit the app theme well. As for the folder colors, there are just four to choose from. Personally, I’d like to see even more, though it’s actually sufficient since only four folders are displayed per screen. And very much like the iDevice home screen, swiping it takes you to the next set of folders, which makes good use of the real estate while keeping the esthetics in check.

awesomenotes2Now for the notesheets/themes themselves. They are all artistically done, and all look great. They vary from awesome notesheets like: the VW bug with the Eiffel Tower, a pic of photos on walls with a couple of postage stamps on the side, a plain black wetsuit looking material, a zebra like light grey stripes on even paler grey, simple tan notes, two flowery notes (one a light blue sheet with bubbles and flowers in lighter blue to the side, and the other a pink sheet with two roses on the bottom and vines on the side). In short, a few themes I’d use, several that are artistic but somehow bland, and definitely two that were aimed at the fairer sex.

awesomenotes4 awesomenotes5

Along the bottom, there are some function buttons on each sheet: Previous note, next note, email note, text style, cylcle through notesheet styles, send to folder, and delete note.

The next two features I had a gander at were quicknote and new note. New note, as the name implies, just makes a new note; while quicknote has four windows to make a quick note on, with three functions at the bottom: font, save as note, and clear. Now comparing the speed and ease of pulling up quicknote vs new note, I’d definitely have to say new note takes that by a narrow margin, simply because the keyboard pops up right after entering the new note screen; so the advantage of quicknote is…not at all apparent to me.

That’s pretty much everything Awesome Note does at the moment. It works, and it’s without argument the most visually pleasing note app I’ve tried yet.

awesomenotes6 awesomenotes7

One function that would make Awesome Note even more user friendly is a screen that shows all the different themes in thumbnails, very much like the notes in thumbnails you see when you open up an individual folder. Currently, cycling through the themes one by one takes too long.

Since the features I need (password lock and online syncing) are on the way in the very next update, I’ve resorted to only storing non-sensitive notes on the app for the time being. The other planned feature that I look forward to are even more sheet styles. Otherwise, the visual variety and theme of the app I have nothing but praise for. Here’s what’s in store for the new update that is awaiting approval from the App Store:

  • Backup and Restore notes with Google Docs
  • Import and Export notes you select with Google Docs
  • Optional Password Protection feature for each folder
  • More color options for folders
  • More icons for folders

As it stands, I’d say if you simply want a note taking app with superb visuals, and you don’t need to search notes or have  linkable URLs, phone numbers and emails, you definitely won’t be disappointed with the app. With all the new features that will be implemented shortly, Awesome Note could very well become one of the best note apps around.


App Summary
Title: Awesome Notes (v1.1) Developer: BRID
Price: $3.99 App Size: 4.6 MB
  • Visually great
  • Awesome icon (important!)
  • Some great notesheets styles
  • Foundation has been built for a very solid note taking app.
  • No online sync
  • No search
  • Limited sheet styles
  • No passcode lock
  • Cyclng through sheet styles could be faster


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