Minigore in Review – All the Gory Details


In my opinion, there are some games that work really well on the iDevice. Puzzle games and strategy games seem to provide the right kind of balance of play and controls. Arcade style games also fall into this category, in many ways because of the simplicity inherent in most of these types of titles. Minigore is one of those games; simple and ultimately a whole lot of fun.


App Description:

Minigore is a 3D survival shooter for the iPhone and iPod touch. The game is all about John Gore, a little square fellow, who finds himself surrounded by the furries – hairy, round creatures with particularly sharp teeth. Your mission is to defend John at all cost from these creatures.

I’m going to assume for a minute that you haven’t played iDracula (also from Chillingo) nor even the old classics Smash TV or reaching further back, Robotron. Any of those games would give you a feel for what Minigore is like, though this game improves upon some of the “standards” of its predecessors. As of this release, there is only one level to the game – and when you start you are shown the controls. The bottom left stick controls your character’s movement in the field, the right stick controls the direction of your machine gun’s fire (which is continuous). That’s all you really need to know about controlling the game, just try to stay alive as long as you can.


But there are some fun additions to Minigore that take it beyond some of those games previously mentioned. First as you kill the enemies they will occasionally drop one of two items. The first is a crate, which provides you with two options. Run your character over the crate and you’ll pick up a shotgun. The shotgun gives a more powerful blast (though there is a slight delay between bursts) with a limited amount of bullets. Once you run out, you’ll revert back to the standard machine gun. If you continue to shoot the crate, it will eventually explode, sending a bullet barrage in 360 degrees. The second item dropped by your vanquished foes is clover. Collect three of these, and you turn into a powerful monster yourself, capable of eating the creatures who are after you. This too has a time limit, and eventually you revert back to your old self.


But it’s these power ups that are one of the key components to how fun the game is – changing around the roles by allowing your character to be the attacker and sending the enemies on the run is a great twist. Because those enemies are relentless; they keep coming and when you shoot the larger ones, they just break up into smaller ones. They swarm, and they hide in the bushes and trees – all the while trying to surround you and overtake you. And let there be no doubt, eventually they will overtake you. It’s two hits before you die, on the first hit you’re character looks beat up and his speed increases for a time, but after the second hit, it’s game over.


There is no ‘winning’ Minigore, it’s a battle of survival and trying to achieve the highest score you can before you die. To that end, there is an online leaderboard where you can compare your score to the rest of the world. I can’t really find any faults with the game, only things I’d like to see them add in the future; more levels, more weapons, more bosses, maybe a goal to the level. But yes, as of right now there is only one level – still for a dollar it’s a fun distraction that I find I can play again and again. I haven’t even talked about the cute graphics (it reminds me of little Lego people – it’s such a stylish game) or the music or sound, both of which just add to the ambience of the game. I really enjoy playing Minigore, and I’d definitely recommend Grabbing It.


App Summary
Title: Minigore (v1.0) Developer: Chillingo Ltd
Price: $0.99 App Size: 15.1 MB
  • Very casual friendly
  • Easy to pick up and play
  • Stylish graphics
  • Fun!
  • Only one level
  • Limited power ups


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