In Praise of Le Tour – Cy-Fi Wireless Bicycle Speakers

News-Audio-CyFi-ComingTMA.jpgUpdate: Our review of the Cy-Fi wireless speakers can be found here

CyFi, maker of great outdoor-oriented speakers for both the iPod and for other portables, have a couple of surprises for TouchMyApps. While the actual arrival date isn’t known (the mystery), both the A2DP and Kleer Wireless version will arrive sometime in August for review. Mark my words – I’ll be on those like Oprah on a cupcake (the intrigue).

Up till now, I have been using various sports-oriented earphones for riding, an option which is by far the most streamlined, but dangerous avenue available. Not to mention, constantly looking over my shoulder, running sprints and trackstand excercises, makes cabled audio a pain.

Both the Kleer and the A2DP version are available for 159$.

For outdoor enthusiasts, CyFi’s products look great. While marketed heavily toward bicyclers, the speaker system is more versatile, serving campers, picnickers, boaters, hikers, etc., as they enjoy places other than their desks or the inside of a train. The speaker plugs nicely into your iPod or other DAP via remote and operates wirelessly via A2DP or using Kleer’s Wireless technology.

The units are rechargeable, water-resistant, and resistant to electrical shocks.

The iPod-specific model uses Kleer Wireless technology:

iPod Compatible
Use cy·fi with your iPod or iPod nano
Superior Sound
Enjoy 100% lossless, CD-quality wireless audio via Kleer technology
Remote Controlled
Change the track, volume and playlists settings from your speaker
Easily mount cy·fi on your bike, boat, backpack, etc., with the provided attachment
Battery Life
over 6 hours
Wireless Range
30 feet
Light and Portable
Pack cy·fi as a travel speaker – it weighs less than 4 ounces
Group Syncing
Broadcast your favorite tunes to up to four cy·fi speakers

About Kleer Technology
Kleer is the first wireless audio technology to combine full CD-quality audio with ultra-low power consumption. Thanks to its patented sub-sampling radio architecture, Kleer is able to deliver 100% lossless performance at a fraction of the power consumption of other technologies. Arrestingly, Kleer battery life lasts 10 times more than Bluetooth solutions. As a result, products like cy·fi can utilize smaller batteries to achieve true compact form – without sacrificing sound quality.

The A2DP model works on a broadrange of DAPs, Mobile Phones and iPods

A2DP Bluetooth Compatible
Use cy·fi with your cell phone, PDA or MP3
Speaker Phone
Use cy·fi as your speakerphone to take calls
Voice Calling
cy·fi enables you to make hands-free calls (if your phone supports it)
Remote Controlled
Change the track, volume and playlist settings from your speaker
Easily mount Cy·Fi on your bike, boat, backpack, etc., with the provided attachment
Battery Life
Over 5.5 hours
Wireless Range
30 feet

About Bluetooth A2DP
A2DP, or Advanced Audio Distribution Profile, is a Bluetooth profile defined and adopted by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group, or SIG. It allows high-quality audio to be transmitted from Bluetooth-supported devices (such as a Windows Mobile Pocket PC Phone or Smartphone, MP3 player, etc.) to wireless headphones and other supported audio accessories.

And to tie this into Le Tour, this year’s King of the Mountain, Franco Pellizotti, gets some well-deserved podium time. My personal strengths have changed a bit. Until last year, I was a mountain-man myself and weak on the flats, but this year, surrounded by the barbaric drivers who conquer Seoul’s roads, I have moved onto designated bicycle paths which are flat and relatively safe. Needless to say, my legs carry me far, but can hardly power me up even moderate slopes.

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