Professional Police Training in Review – Police Training One Tap At A Time


Continuing on in my journey through the “pick up and play” app market, I came across another fun game, Professional Police Training by GameVision. It is similar in style to arcade police shooting games but modified to play well in the iDevice environment.

PPT or Professional Police Training is a tap to shoot game. Centered around police style training, your goal is too hit various targets using common sense and judgment as your guide.

There are 5 different game play modes available to you. During each game the level of difficulty increases after each round. You think it’s going to be easy and it starts out that way, but before you get comfortable the difficulty gets harder and harder.


Game play modes are as follows.

  • Accuracy – Limited time and even more limited bullets. One shot one kill.
  • Reaction – Shoot the targets as fast as you can.
  • Color & Shape – Hit only the color/shape target that you’re shown.
  • Judgment – Kill the terrorists while saving the hostages.
  • Speed – Terrorists are fast, but your bullets are faster.

Each game differs in what exactly you’re targeting but the objective is the same, shoot what you’re supposed to. It may seem simple in analysis but with the speed and increasing difficulty levels the game although basic by design, remains addictive and fun.

professionalpolicetraining4 professionalpolicetraining3

At the beginning of each round there is a splash screen to show you what you are looking for. The criteria are Hit Targets, Time, Bullets. Those will change as the levels progress so you definitely want to keep your eyes on that. Also shown at the bottom is your health/life meter. During the rounds you can only hit so many wrong targets; that meter doesn’t renew each round either so you have to make it last through all the levels in that particular training section. If you run out it’s game over and you have to start from the beginning.


From the main screen you have 4 buttons at the bottom. Options, high scores, reset and an info button displaying the developers as well as some of their other titles. Options available are volume difficulty and turning the vibrate feature on or off. High scores are pretty self explanatory. The reset button will clear any of the training courses you had completed, starting you from scratch all over.

Overall I feel that this is another fun addictive “pick up and play” style game. They’ve done an excellent job keeping it themed around the style of police training without letting it get boring. Whether you’re a fan of police style games or not, you’ll definitely be a fan of this one, especially if the light gun shooter genre is right up your alley.


App Summary
Title: Professional Police Training (v1.2) Developer: GameVision
Price: $0.99 App Size: 6.2 MB
  • Easy to pick up
  • Multiple game play styles/difficulty levels
  • Excellent design
  • Some players may find it too challenging


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