HideHere – for when you just got to blot it out


Don’t ask me what I meant, I just pounded the keyboard and a title popped up on the screen. What I do know is that developer sonson made this unique app to work extremely well with photos. So, while candiding about the city with your respectable 3GS camera, you have a backup plan in case any of your photos require discretionary measures. In Japanese, the blurring effect is called モザイク or mosaic, but in English, I cannot think of the name. Anyway, (cue the jingle) – there’s an app for that.

sonson, HideHere, 0.99$, 0.1 MB


  • Do you want to hide a face or personal information on pictures when you upload them to a photo sharing site, like Flickr?
  • “hideHere” allows you to overlay a picture with mosaic effect or a stamp.
  • You can save edited pictures into Photo Library of iPhone/iPod touch.
  • Main features
    • Overlayed with mosaic effects
    • Overlayed with a stamp image
    • Select your favourite image for a stamp

Planned features

Why can I select a image for a stamp via iPhone/iPod touch’s Photo Library?
→Because the images in iPhone/iPod touch’s Photo Library don’t contain transparent pixels.

Take a gander at Sonson’s webpage for more information and current developments.

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