RSSPush in Review – Feed Your Feed Read Need!

review-news-rsspush-rsspush1RSS feeds are extremely popular nowadays, and there’s no shortage of readers available in the app store.  The problem is that if you don’t know the specific feeds that you are interested in, the task of picking and choosing can be quite tedious. DNet Telecom has come with a solution to both solve the problem of needing a reader as well as simplify the task of choosing feeds.

RSSPush is a two part application. It’s a feed reader as well as a feed selector. Not only that but it also has push notifications enabled so you don’t even have to check for new feeds. The app will tell you when it has found something for you to read.

Operation of the app is extremely simple. Upon launch you are brought to a main screen where you can add or delete any feeds which are delivered to you based on keywords as they are represented in websites.


To add a keyword/feed, select the arrow to bring up your options and choose to “Configure Keywords”. From there you are brought to a screen to either enter in a word, or select a word from a top 100 list. After you select your keywords you can then navigate through subcategories to find sites with feeds that match with you keyword selection.

At the present time, you do not have the ability to add custom public or private feeds, but DNetTelecom have already planned to add the ability in the upcoming version 1.1 release. The only limitation to that option is that “public” feeds will have to be reviewed/sorted so that they fall under their proper section withing the built in database structure.

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Once you’ve selected your keywords and related sites, just close the program and wait. Periodically the program will scour the net for the sites that you’ve chosen and deliver articles that match your criteria. A message will pop up on screen to tell you that there is a new article available and allow you to click to read it. The message on screen will display how many articles there are to be read, along with a badge over the icon showing the same number in case you cleared the message but didn’t get a chance to view the feeds.

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Read articles are marked so you know which ones you have yet to view. Instead of bringing up plain text or opening a link in Safari, the app displays a simple summary and paragraph of the article and then uses it’s built in browser to show you the article on the site itself.

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In the end RSSPush is a prime example of the k.i.s.s. rule which negates the need for complicated superfluous functions. Although this review is short, it doesn’t mean that its because of a lack of within the app. This is a simple but effective reader for those who enjoy reading feeds from the net but don’t enjoy the process of searching and choosing the sites to find the best ones. Even though the ability to add custom feeds to the app is unavailable at the moment, the fact that the developer has already tackled this in the next update and made sure to notify us shows their dedication to the constant enhancement and development of this app.


App Summary
Title: RSSPush (V. 1.0) Developer: DNet Telecom
Price: $2.99 App Size: 0.2MB
  • Select feeds to read with ease
  • Push notification enabled
  • Read articles directly within app
  • None to mention


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