iPhone Photography – iPhoneography


You don’t need to tote the latest SLR, the right lenses, a smattering of know-how, and maintain a good eye to take great photographs. Enthusiastic users are turning out their pockets for the iPhone 3GS, which coupled with a few good photography apps, makes an excellent camera. iPhoneography is a website dedicated to those users who want more out of their phone than the odd game or lingerie shot. Thanks to such users, the world about us is becoming ever more illuminated.

I often browse the site, wishing for a 3GS, but more than that, enjoying the artistry of creative users out there who not only have the stamina to shoot with a phone, but who are willing to publish to internet for everyone to see. iPhoneography is also famous for holding incredible contests for users with great prizes, but above all, it offers a great community for the budding pocket photographer.

The photographs featured in this article are taken by Eliano Imperato, and Italian photographer whose work you can see at at his website, elianoimperato.com.

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