Resident Evil 4 – creeping out at the App Store


I hate zombies – they actually still haunt the dark recesses of my imagination even after many years. Yup, I saw Resident Evil, the movie in the dark year, 2002, and have not been able to walk by the tøpiary my sister made for my wedding without flinching. It cowers in the hallway and on late night milk runs, lethargically hunts something near the staircase, like a shrivelled, waiting undead.

I hate zombies.

But, many brainless cretins love them. Nice gameplay video after the jump.

Capcom, Resident Evil 4, 7.99$, 37.3 MB
Resident Evil 4

In fact, it’s not too hard to imagine Resident Evil 4 triumphing over the App Store for a spell. The game isn’t a cheap, limited port, but a rather deep horror-thriller with 3D graphics, somewhat intelligent enemies, and a hell of a lot of running.

If you can get by the somewhat awkward controls, you may find heaps to love with this shooter.

Below is an in-game video taken by AppBank.

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