PDF Expert in Review – Reading with the Readdle Reader


There are a fair amount of PDF readers available at the app store nowadays ranging from free to $9.99, or more! With the lower price range usually lacking features, and the higher range apps more of a “suite” which include functions which may not be necessary if all you want to do is read a document. Readdle, developers of popular business/productivity app ReaddleDocs, have chipped in with their own offering.

PDF Expert is as powerful as a professional desktop PDF reader. The abilities are so dynamic you could easily spend 10x the price they ask to be able to do what they offer on your computer. As expected, reading includes both portrait and landscape (you can also lock viewing angle to portrait if you prefer it). You can jump to a specific page or search within the PDF for a specific word or phrase. As you make your way through you can also place bookmarks in case you ever need to go back to something.


Loading and viewing files in PDF Expert can either be done through Readdle Storage, or by setting your device up as a wireless drive and manually loading them onto your device. If you choose to make use of Readdle Storage, as a buyer of PDF Expert you get a “Readdle Storage AppStore” account with 512mb space for life. Using the wifi option is just as easy. Utilizing the IP address given to you, all you have to do is add a network location to your computer and you’ll instantly be able to begin swapping files back and forth.

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You also have the ability to manage files on the go. Everything is quick, simple and available from either the main screen or on a file by file basis. From the main page, select edit and you can add folders to organize your files, or delete files all together. Selecting a file brings up additional options such as: rename, email, and add to a zip archive.

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To email the document, just select the option from the file info; it will attach the file to a new email for you. If you don’t want to email an entire PDF to someone, you also have the option to copy/paste portions of the pdf . Just select copy from the tools at the bottom when viewing and it will extract the text at which point you can paste it to an email and send it off.

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Overall this app is extremely useful as a reader. During testing I loaded up both text-only PDFs and files which were heavy in graphics and didn’t experience any problems. Load times were exceptionally quick and rendering of images, fast. Although using PDF expert is extremely easy, they have included a users manual (in PDF of course) in case you have any problems. However the likelihood of that is slim in my opinion.

Compatible with over 20 file types, the folks at Readdle have definitely put together an amazing lightweight but feature rich PDF reader which I can recommend without reservations.


App Summary
Title: PDF Expert (Professional PDF Documents Reader) (Version 1.0) Developer: Readdle
Price: $4.99 App Size: 3.7 MB
  • Easy to use
  • Fast load times
  • File type compatibility
  • Lots of extras (manage/email/etc)
  • None to mention


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