Mirror Free – Inner Four’s latest spam is actually clever


Inner Four, an inexhaustible company from Florida, have released yet another piece of software – an app to bolster their 150+ title library at the App Store which does nothing more than reflect a user’s face inside a ‘mirror’ frame. Seem worth 99 cents? Of course not. But that is why Mirror Free‘s creator John Swartz created it FREE.

Inner Four, Mirror Free, FREE!, 2.9 MB
Mirror Free

Though he may be the butt of a few jokes around the office and certainly at the App Store where Mirror Free is receiving Slap and Wipe ratings from most of its customers, Swartz is having the last laugh. At around 2000$ per day generated from ads (what seems to be the only real feature of Mirror Free), Inner Four may take notes from his developers’ diary and change things up around the office. Swartz may get a more comfy chair.

Juice Wireless created Mirror, an app which Mirror Free replicated. The difference is that Mirror Free costs 99 pennies less and as such, is full of more mirth. Swartz felt cheated when he purchased Mirror, chiding that users shouldn’t have to pay so much for an app that virtually does nothing. With 2000$ per day going toward Inner Four, Juice Wireless’ self proclaimed humour may be waning.

But, if you still want to pay nearly a dollar for what is otherwise free AND the biggest financial news of the day, go ahead:

Juice Wireless, Mirror, 0.99$, 1.4MB

[via Yahoo! Finance]

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