Ear Budeez – Upgrade earphones on the cheap!


Nope, not Rolando

Some of you may have never heard of Jays, Westone or even Sennheiser prior to our headphone reviews, so when I mention Jensen, Audiovox and Soundcat, you may be scratching your head. Well, the three have teamed up and created Ear Budeez, an upgrade earphone which is likely one of the least expensive on the market. Even in Canada, they can be found for less than 20$ – a nearly impossible feat – abroad, they are marketed starting at ~8$ US.

I haven’t had the chance to try them yet, but at their market price, I am dying to try. The fact is that mass-produced, inexpensive accessories move the market, not flagship products.

So what has me so excited about a pair of ~10$ earphones, especially after looking forward to JH13Pro? Well, it simply is that Soundcat, a supplier of high-end pro and consumer audio, have taken initiative with the Ear Budeez. In fact, Fit Ears, Sensaphonics, Livewires, Sleek Audio, Westone, Jerry Harvey among other highly respected custom audio companies work with the Seoul-based company to supply advertising, fitting, sales and after-service.

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