The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition – Adventure’s legend comes to the iPhone


In the wake of 1990’s The Secret of Monkey Island (TSOMI), adventure games became a dime a dozen in a market that craved another point and click quest to emulate LucasArts‘ masterpiece. The original game spawned four sequels – the most sincere proof of its market influence – and in 2009, has undergone a facelift, a re-imagining, and now, has been stuffed into the iDevice, waiting to be dug up iPhone gamers. But, fans of the genre or not, Monkey Island is a catch-all game. Funny, sarcastic and colourful, it is a riot which is sure to make become a hit with any gamer. A cursory glance at App Store reviews will prove how realistic that claim is; LucasArts’ genre-defining game is sitting at a cumulative 4,5 stars, or if you can’t suss out stars anymore, a strong Grab!

LucasArts, The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition, 7.99$, 351 MB
The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition


The re-mastering that the iPhone TSOMI has undergone is slightly different from console and PC versions. It doesn’t retain the original 1990 version, but otherwise, it is the same game, replete with voice-overs, new animations and graphics, the game has been re-awakened to a nearly perfect iPhone incarnation.

After the PC’s mouse and keyboard, the iPhone’s touchscreen interface could have vaunted the best interface among all consoles, but LucasArts outwitted themselves, making TSOMI a virtual copy of the console version’s control system – the cursor has to be dragged around the screen as if the iPhone was slaved to a controller. With this small annoyance aside, the game is an excellent rendition of the classic.

Below is a great gameplay video from OSXReality.

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