Snip Snap – Palm’s Pre WebOS 1.1 back in Sync with iTunes


Software is made to be built and to be broken and to be built again. Palm’s original WebOS release gained notoriety for many features, but held certain bragging rights over Apple’s engineers by coaxing iTunes into thinking it was an iPod; users were able to sync, download and listen to their favourite music without having to interact with their Pre via the annoying and much slower drag-and-drop method.

Then iTunes 8.2.1 came out, broke Palm’s hack and Pre users were back to the unlucky, archaic method of transfer. Well, WebOS 1.1 is repeating the story all over again by snapping back on a different patch to complete the fake iPod masquerade.

Hopefully too, Palm will see fit to raise the quality of sound in the Pre as it is quite dire in comparison with its Apple rival. The Pre has several advantages to the iPhone, but adding to the rather small list is support for emoticons in the messaging client. Combined with Mojo’s SDK open release, the Pre is set to maybe become a real player in the market. But stymied by its current single-carrier, single-country service contracts, the company have a long, upward climb.

I will admit to harbouring some ill-will to anti-competitive company who shut-down the once-great BeOS, an operating system that could have taken off, adding another player into the terribly polarised computer OS economy. But Palm, go ahead, give the Pre your best and if it is your last break, you deserve it.

For the entire list of changes to the Pre’s WebOS in version 1.1, take a gander over at Palm’s blog.

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