Battleships Classic in Review – A nice new twist for a true classic


I don’t think Battleship needs any introduction; it’s such a classic that everyone must have played it at least once, whether it’s the actual board game, on a computer, on the web, or on a mobile phone. At the iTunes Store, there are quite a few implementations too. However, Battleships Classic, developed by Hiccup Studios, has a new twist that makes it more interesting and strategic.

battleshipsclassic3At first, Battleships Classics will ask whether you would like to play against another person, or with the computer. In this case, I chose computer. Then it asks you to “hide” your ships on the grid which is surprisingly bigger than most Battleship incarnations, and thus, a little harder.

Once the computer’s ships are also “hidden”, the computer will then start the game, but the player gets to call the first shot. The new twist is right here; rather than firing one shot at a time like in the traditional rules, the game lets you fire nine shots on the first turn. That first salvo will first be resolved and then, the computer fires its return. This formula of shoot and be shot continues the entire game, but the catch is that the number of shots per turn will decrease as the game progresses.

battleshipsclassic4The thing about this new element in the game is that it makes the player think a lot more strategically in terms of placing ships and placing shots. This is because with nine shots and that the shots decrease after each turn, placing the ships and the shots at the right place at the right time is more critical. If your opponent is lucky or smart enough to get two ships in one turn, the damage is higher and losses are greater as turns build upon turns. The need for ships to be strategically placed hedges against a “lucky” opponent and shot placement is of utmost importance. Since the grid is bigger, the game is more fair than my description would seem, but the importance of well-placed shots cannot be underestimated.

battleshipsclassic1In terms of the presentation of this game, I think it’s done quite well, although at times, the game gets very intense and the in-game animations sequences can get annoying because it is impossible to cancel their playback. Also, one might say that for a $1.99 game, the visuals and coding quality are overly simple. However, in my opinion, I think that for such a straight-forward game, Battleships Classic’s presentation is adequate. Overall, I think it is a very good purchase for fans of the battleship genre, although at times I wish the game allows the option to play with classic rules.


App Summary
Title: Battleships Classic (v1.0) Developer: Hiccup Studios
Price: $1.99 App Size: 4.9 MB
  • New rules for a very classic game
  • Good simple user interface
  • The graphics might “get in the way” during an intense game
  • Lack of a “classic mode”


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