TMA Giveaway: Win iTunes Gift Cards Courtesy of PressOK Entertainment (Closed)

bumperstars_contest18Last week, TouchMyApps held a giveaway for a $100 in GCs. This week, we’re giving away $200 dollars worth of iTunes Gift Cards courtesy of PressOK Entertainment, a global and market-leading developer/publisher of mobile games. With their recent release of Bumper Stars for the iDevice, PressOK Entertainment look poised to solidify their presence at the ever growing App Store.

Developed by Large Animal games and already enjoyed by countless Facebook, Myspace and Mebo users, Bumper Stars is a truly unique game that fuses pinball and pool with some bumpin’ beaver action into one addictive experience. The iPhone/iPod version will not only let you enjoy the game solo and download additional gameplay content (new characters, fruit packs and more),ย  but will also allow for players to connect to their facebook account to challenge friends/strangers and share high scores (aka bragging rights).

Over the next week, the giveaway will be open for your chance to win 1 of 10 $20 iTunes gift cards, with which you can use to purchase tv shows, movies, games/apps and more! To enter, all you need to do is submit a comment within and retweet our Twitter message. Complete details can be found after the jump. Good Luck!

Update: Our review of Bumper Stars is now live.

PressOK Entertainment, Bumper Stars, $2.99, 4.6 MB
Bumper Stars

Contest Rules

  1. This PressOk Entertainment iTunes Gift Card (GC) giveaway is open to all, though you must have a valid US App Store account in order to redeem your gift card.
  2. To enter, watch the Bumper Stars gameplay trailer and check out its features below. The next step is to submit a comment and tell us what your impressions/thoughts are of this unique game.
  3. To increase your chances of winning 1 of 10 GCs, follow us on Twitter and tweet: RT & Follow @TouchMyApps to win 1 of 10 $20 iTunes Gift Cards, courtesy of @bumperstars by PressOK Entertainment
  4. You may retweet this message up to 5 times a day to boost your chances of snagging a GC.
  5. The contest will close July 30th, 2009 @ 23:59 EST. Winners will be randomly selected and announced on July 31ts @ 10AM EST

Bumper Stars Features

  • Play: Challenge your Facebook friends and put them in their place.
  • Shop: Collect credits to download new Bumper Stars characters, food packs, arenas and more.
  • Share: Customize your challenges to show off your style.
  • Score: Earn achievements, climb the leaderboards and make your friends jealous.
  • Easy to learn and impossible to put down; in fact, we dare you to. Correction; make that a double dare.
  • Facebook Connect: Log in to your existing Facebook account to challenge your friends and compare scores.



Once again, a big thanks to all those who took the time to retweet/comment to enter this PressOK Entertainment iTunes Gift Card Giveaway. If you have yet to pick up a copy of Bumper Stars for the iDevice, I highly encourage you try it out on facebook for free to see what you’ve been missing! This is one addictive game!

Without further ado, here are the 10 winners for $20 iTunes Gift Certificates:

  • mrholder
  • @goldone
  • Qasim
  • @Rabanah
  • @DOG87
  • Blake Kaplan
  • ErichD
  • cjsbug
  • @NovaTornado
  • @loneplacebo

Iโ€™ll be contacting all winners shortly via email and/or DM on twitter.

Thanks again everyone for the support and be sure to check back for more TMA giveaways!


  • Sf49lu

    The graphics of this game look really neat and polished. Picking up now :)

  • I think this looks like a really cool game. It’s kind of like pinball and pool combined. I also think it’s cool that you can go on facebook to challenge friends.

  • It looks awesome! It looks a lot like pinball, which I love!

  • mrholder

    I’m impressed with the gameplay. I like the mix of pool and pinball, and I love the fact that you can challenge friends on facebook. I’m new to facebook, so this will give me something to post on there.

  • I like the art style of this game. Simple doesn’t over do it. Looks like a nice pick up and play game.

  • Qasim

    Wow! I must say I am impressed! This game does look extremely entertaining! I think I’m convinced to spend $$ and buy it. :) lol

  • Kevin Pham

    I think it’s alright, a good and wonderful game, good graphics, but i wouldn’t call it the very best…

  • Nova

    hm.. seems fun and maybe there is a possibility of adding twitter to the high score list. I like the graphics though :)

  • Carl

    Looks like a nice pool/pinball game with cool graphics. Love the facebook integration.

  • JCman7

    Looks like a lot of fun! Thanks for the giveaway Twitter:JCman7

  • Chiffa

    Looks very unusual. Definately worth a try, especially since I love pool.

    P.s. TMA you’re the best

  • Jeremy

    It looks really cool and original. Hope there is a lite version when it comes out

  • Raoupp

    Wow. Another iTunes gift cards contest? Count me in. Hopefully I’ll be more successful this time… ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Bumper Stars looks decent, but is that enough for the appstore success these days? I’m not sure, but lite version would definitely help…

  • tehelite

    looks pretty cool!
    ill try it!

  • Looks like pool on steroids.

  • Thomas

    Kinda of reminds me of Peggle

  • Stykman

    I think it is a very cool game. The graphics look nice and the idea of having achievements sounds good to me. Its like a drag and shoot game and pinball combined

  • Stephie

    This reminds me of “Peggle”, but with “Peggle” you get 10 chances & with this you get 3 chances, that means it’s more challenging -GOOD APP!!!

  • Wubbzy

    Bumper Stars looks like a a very addictive game. I like the concept of a peggle like game, but the “pegs” are all around you. Also, with the ability to upload scores onto Facebook will be another reason to tell my friends to get this.Overall it looks very good.

  • Jebus

    I never really got into peggle for some reason. This game actually looks more fun to me. I’ll definitely check it out.

    Good luck people- hope I have better luck this time, too!

  • Jacson-X

    Look cool. Definately worth a try.

  • Shane

    The fact that it plays somewhat like Peggle makes me go “yay!”
    And Facebook connect. I’ll have to go on FB and try it now.

  • Dale

    Looks quite unique and awesome to play. Graphics look pretty cool, and controls well suited for the touchscreen

  • Zach

    This looks like a really fun and addicting game that could keep me occupied for hours!
    I really like the art style.

  • Blake Kaplan

    Looks pretty cool and will try it soon.


  • first, let me say thank you press ok entertainment and touchmyapps these contests are awesome.

    so my initial good impressions are:
    1. customization, you can never go wrong with that.
    2. face your friends.
    3. pool idea

    bad impressions:(im cheap)
    1. for 3 bucks this game seems too simple.
    -it seems like i would get bored after a few minutes of play.

    but this is only my impressions. but it seems like a nice unique idea and i cant really say how fun it is until i play it (so i hope you make a light version) hope my thoughts help and that i win ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • xerox

    This this game is very cool!

  • ErichD

    Honestly, I was slightly confused by the video – the pics below explain a little more, but wha? It reminded me more of Peggle than Pinball, with less clear objectives if a far improved control system.

    Why start the object near the center? Is there a gravity or pull that eventually stops the object from bouncing around? Does shaking/tilting have any effect?

    Other that, I love the concept of this game, and challenging people on the social networks makes sense. Loooks fun!

  • Graphics and GUI looks Candy sweet. Controls are Easy, Wait is that a bear that has to bump to get the score?
    Sounds like the old skool PinBall to me.

    Wait till i get my Hands on this, I’ll have good Scores ๐Ÿ˜€

    I still need to update to iPhone OS 3.0, i hope i win the Gift card at least then i’ll be able to upgrade.

  • Luke

    I really like the achievements feature. Adds to the replayablility

  • Daniel Novoa

    It’s Graphics look amazing and there seems to be a lot of features but just the facebook one makes me want to buy it, unluckily I can’t afford it but I’ll pick it up if I win though. By the way my Twitter name is DanielNovoa

  • Aznguy

    Looks a lot like a closeup pinball with the circular bumpy things lol!

  • Mr. Charley

    It definitely looks unique… ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Nice looking colors too, and interesting concept

  • Lexi Sanchez

    I love how the main character is a beaver! He is sooo Cute! :)

  • Jordan Bloomberg

    I think the main attraction for me is that you can battle your friends. That is a great feature.

  • Kyle Zaborski

    Lol at the use of items. Obama. Haha

  • Greg Greycheck

    I would buy this game if it were 99c but its 2.99 which is kinda steep considering the quality of games you can get at 99c these days. However, I must say this does have a very polished interface and looks like lighthearted fun.

  • atseng

    Very interesting/creative way of designing a pinball game!

  • Kevin

    I love the carfree style of this game! its a good getaway from the more serious games out there.

  • Patrick Law

    I’ve never won a contest, but I am going to try! The cartoon style reminds me of Peggle, one of my favorite games. Especially the cartoon like characters.

  • Jordan Greenley

    I might just get this game because you can get new avatars!

  • Carl Redman

    Yes i agree with an above comment, Twitter integration is a must :)

  • Joe Jackson

    I usually only get games that are more serious but this game just looks so fun ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Charley Chatman

    Bumper cars+pinball+peggle like atmosphere=greatest game ever!

  • JoseMartin

    This looks like a really creative game. I never played it on Facebook but it looks definitely fun. It looks like a pick-up-and-play game, and I love those. The achievements make it a worthwhile game in my view.

  • mosaki

    Really cute graphics! The gameplay looks just like playing pool, but with cute icons.

    Hopefully there. Will be a lite version so we can try out the gameplay first.

  • Kent

    It’s pool and pinball on steriods!

  • Games looks like a lot of fun.

  • Dissmas

    I’m really impressed but I’ll have to try the lite version before saying anything more, anyway it looks like a really polished game.

  • Bessamy

    Wow, this game looks like it rocks! What a cool way to play pool/pinball. It reminds me of bumper cars for some reason. =) I love the graphics and style of it.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

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