Forget GTA – Gangstar Cometh

While not exactly a GTA-clone, Gangstar is similarly stationed – a violent game involving crime, money, and lots of blood. The above video is courtesy of a TouchArcade preview the iPhone ‘port’ of the game. I use quotation marks because, as you will see, this ain’t exactly 2006’s Gangstar.

Unlike its direct competitors at the App Store: Payback and Car Jack Streets, Gangstar is a fully 360 degree free-camera 3D game which makes great use of the iDevices 3D processor.

As a ‘port’ of an earlier game, Gangstar goes above and beyond many well-designed projects. Its parent game, Gangstar: Crime City, and its sequel, Kings of L.A., are sprite-based 2D games. After comparing the previous versions to Gameloft’s new project, it is obvious that the game company are out to deliver a message: they are out to top charts in any genre at the App Store.

The below screenshots are taken from Gameloft’s press pages for Crime City and Kings of L.A..

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