Brain Controller at App Store – digital animation gone scary

Scouring new apps is a fun pastime of mine which has grown into an hours upon hours time investment of time and energy. Japanese MotionPortrait, the company who have brought freakishly realistic picture-to animation technology to production have released a peak-a-boo version of their software to the iDevice.

I thought I was clever in creating some simple stop-animations of Playmobil hedgehogs chasing each other – looks like I was wrong.

Our Review of Brain Controller can be found here.

MotionPortrait, Brain Controller, 2.99$, 1.8 MB
Brain Controller

Though the iPhone version isn’t as grand of a technological display, it is evidence that the system can be used for unique entertainment ideas that showcase incredible technological evolution. The killer? You can upload your video to Youtube for laughs.

Here are some screenshots of the app and videos from its software parent.

Their main webpage is here: MotionPortrait.

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