3rd Gen iPod touch and 5th Gen Nano Cameras Revealed?


If this rumour can be believed, it is another cemented piece of evidence that the new iPod touch will receive a camera. This time, the evidence comes from pictures of what is purported to be new iPod cases from China. The pictures come from several case manufacturers.

Rather than traditional media sources, case manufacturers – who are under no scrupulous obligations with Apple for secrecy – are the new sleuths in rumour industry. Because industry is highly competitive, any extra publicity goes along way, but more so, delivering product which can be purchased on launch day (or as close to launch day as possible) is pertinent. CultofMac got hit with a barrage of hi-res photos for the new devices.

While neither device appears to have undergone heavy design-knifing, the iPod touch is adorned with an unfamiliar centre camera. The Nano receives amore traditionally mounted in the bottom-left.

Following Apple’s traditional release schedule, we can expect the new devices to debut in September with greater storage at lower corresponding prices.

[via CultofMac]

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