SI Swimsuit 2009 – Get it while it’s Hot! (It is and always will be)


I am not familiar with Sports Illustrated, however that its progeny doesn’t allow much for real sports like football and cricket, but that doesn’t matter. What does matter is that 2009 version of the Swimsuit Calendar has debuted at the App Store and that the handful of reviews are unanimous: this is the must-have app of the summer. Why, you ask? Do I need to explain it to you?

Sports Illustrated, SI Swimsuit 2009, 2.99$, 17 MB
SI Swimsuit 2009

Essentially, it does everything you want it to if you are into the 3 American sports and beautiful women. There are videos of the 20 models, lots of pictures of nearly nude women, calendars full of American pro and college sports teams.

It one-ups the print version by allowing you to arrange the month the the lady of your choice, however, I am sure that the picking is difficult. Good luck gents.

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