Moon Drop in Review – good-simple-mindless amusement!


With the “casual gamer” market increasing almost daily, developers have been scrambling to try and fill their app portfolio with at least one or two “pick up and play” style games to try and cater to this growing segment. Other developers such as NimbleBit are already well prepared with more than a few of these games under their umbrella, Moon Drop being one.

Moon Drop’s objective is simple. There are pods of lunar colonists arriving at the moon who need you’re cautious guidance to land them safely on the moon’s surface. You control the lander by tapping the screen and firing the boosters to give you the thrust power you need to either slow down and/or float left and right.


You start off with one lander, and in each stage thereafter, the amount of landers will increase, making control more difficult as you progress. As I said before, the point of the game is simple and that is where NimbleBit succeeds. Perfect in its simplicity, you would think the game is a piece or cake. Unfortunately, a dozen or so landers later, and you’re scrambling to control them – going crazy all the while.

As with all things the game must come to an end eventually. When the game is over though you are treated to a nice little feature that one wouldn’t expect to find in a game like this. A pop up tells you your score (measured in the amount of colonists) that successfully landed on the surface. You then have the option to Continue which takes you out to the main screen, or you can actually “Tweet” your score. If you decide to tweet your score a twitter login will pop up and after you enter your credentials, a templated answer is posted on your twitter feed with your recent score.
Available option are simply viewing a cumulative score, global and local leader boards, and when the game launches, volume. As for what NimbleBit mean by ‘local’, think New York to Virginia local!

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This is quite honestly a good “pick up and play” game. It doesn’t really fall short anywhere IF you look at it in that way. You could quite easily pick this up, play for however long, and close it without feeling like you’re missing anything or have got lost in a storyline. It’s just good-simple-mindless(!!) amusement. To be honest, after a long exhausting day at work, Moon Drop is a pleasant indulgence.


App Summary
Title: Moon Drop (Version 1.0) Developer: NimbleBit
Price: $0.99 App Size: 2.2 MB
  • Pick up and play
  • Not cluttered with options
  • Ability to Tweet your results
  • “Local” leaderboard isn’t exactly local.


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