Next Gen iPod touch: camera and mic


Thanks Wired!

Dime a dozen rumours are again in full swing with this bout of conjecture pointing not to a next iPhone, but the next iPod touch. evidently have special monkeys within the business who have sussed out the innards of the next iPod touch. It is only fair too that the iPod finally gets some speculative press after surviving in in the iPhone’s shadow for far too long.’s article points to an industry-wide prevalent trend: upgrading low end hardware with the left overs from last years’ high end. Case in point is my Centaur grouppo. Just two years ago, it was 1000$ more expensive and mounted onto road bikes as Campagnolo’s Record but this year, it can be had in composite or stainless for much, much less.

The iPod touch 2G’s big upgrades were 1: the volume rocker (for which I upgraded), better battery life, a disabled Bluetooth chip and a few other things hidden under the bonnet. Since both platforms share the same development engine and more and more apps are making use of the iPhone’s camera and microphone, it would be a wise decision for Apple to implement the iPhone hardware. The App store is already feeling the effects of fragmentation as its hardware continues to branch up and out with every release. In a couple of years, the new iPhone could be branded with all manner of ‘made for App Store 7’, or ‘iPhone OS 5 Ultimate Steve Jobs Autographed Version Ready’. Who knows, there could even be an upgrade version where you buy an extension to your iPod touch which will allow it all the privileges of the iPhone, but with greater physical weight and more hassle.

While Skye, Fring and a few other telephony apps at the App store are good, they are a far call from a dedicated land line in terms of audio quality and connection strength. Keep in mind though, that rumours are plenty and often easily faked. I am voting this rumour as ‘true’ – Apple can’t keep turning out dissimilar logic boards, their leftovers have to go somewhere.


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